VERSA Series of Liquid Handling Workstations

Aurora was founded with the goal of providing scientists the tools they need to bring their scientific breakthroughs from the lab to the world faster.

With this in mind, the VERSA Series of liquid handling workstations were designed to provide more walk-away time, higher throughput, and better accuracy and consistency. The VERSA is THE SOLUTION to your liquid handling and sample preparation demands.


The VERSA’s flexible modular design allows it to support multiple applications on the same instrument, further increasing the efficiency of your lab and enhancing the cost-effectiveness of your investment.

Each VERSA workstation is configured with adaptors, accessories and liquid handling modules to suit YOUR specific protocols. Our product specialists work with you to make sure that your VERSA is tailor-made to meet your requirements and ensure that you only pay for the features and functions that you need. Aurora is experienced at system customizations and can build adaptors or modules to fit your specific requirements.

GeneDisc Adaptor

384 Plate Cooler

6×8 Tube Holder

AmpliSlide Holder

Vacuum Manifold

Vacuum Manifold

SPE Columns

Microfuge Tube Adaptor

Heater Shaker

Light Cycler Adaptor

Konelab Cuvettes

The VERSA also provides a scalable solution to your varying throughput demands. It can process 1, 24, 96 or 384 samples in parallel, or any number in between.

Additionally, the VERSA is an open system – you don’t need to change your tried-and-true protocols, reagents or kits.


The engineers and application scientists at Aurora continually push the boundaries of liquid handling robotics by developing innovative, patented and patent-pending new technologies such as the magnetic bead vortex, 96-tip aspirator, magnet/shaker elevator, 96-channel pipetting head, and ReagentDrop bulk dispensing system to provide you with the ideal solution for your lab. These technologies were developed to streamline your protocols, reduce reagent waste and decrease tip usage.

Magnetic Bead Vortex

96 Tip Aspirator

96 Channel Head

Reagent Drop Custer

Our innovation is further demonstrated by our Custom Liquid Handling workstations and various Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) projects. At Aurora we conform to your needs, and if we do not have a solution on-hand, we will make one.

Accuracy and Precision

The VERSA takes the error out of your protocols, saving you time and money. The VERSA provides a wide dynamic range of liquid handling capabilities, handling volumes from nanolitres to millilitres without sacrificing the high accuracy and precision expected from a liquid handling workstation. The coefficient of variation (CV) across all volumes is less than 5% and is in line with industry standards.

Single Channel Nano Pipettor

Dual Channel Head for LLE

Triple Module Manifold

8 Channel Nano Pipettor

8 channel pipette head for Aurora's VERSA automated liquid handler to be used for automated DNA extraction, Next Generation Sequencing library preparation, automated PCR set up, and other general automated liquid handling protocols

8 Channel Syringe Pipettor

96 Channel Head

The VERSA offers accuracy and precision with respect to pipette positioning as well. Detailed and delicate XYZ movements of the liquid handling module are controlled by the VERSAware software. This system enables exact positioning of the pipette tip in any vessel or on any surface, and can even perform “tip touches” to eliminate hanging drops from pipette tips. Our database of exact vessel dimensions includes well over 100 different tubes, plates, and vials and is constantly updated.

VERSA Series Comparison


  • Cost-effective low to medium throughput
  • Small footprint saves precious lab space
  • 4 or 8-channel pipetting head with single channel function
  • 6 deck positions
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VERSA 110 automated liquid handling workstation


  • Low to medium throughput with added deck space
  • Liquid displacement technology easily handles liquids of varying viscosities
  • Dual pump syringe pipetting head has a large dynamic range
  • 8 deck positions
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VERSA 1100

        • Complete walk-away solution for all your high throughput needs
        • Compact for such a robust workstation
        • 4 or 8 or 96-channel pipetting head with single channel function

      • 15 deck positions
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