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Model: 110-Hood-HEPAUV

Next generation sequencing library preparation

Get More InformationAurora Biomed’s custom HEPA Filtered Hood, allows researchers to maintain a clean work area during all of its automated liquid handling processes. The unit has a built-in 254 nm ultraviolet light that allows the operator to irradiate the VERSA unit, microplates, tips and tubes.

The hood features a unique interlocking sash with a safety overlap to prevent gaps. The sash also has a safety switch that automatically turns off the ultraviolet light and activates the blower and fluorescent light when the sash is raised. HEPA filtration provides a particulate free work zone to help prevent contamination for ambient environments.

Housing Aurora Biomed’s liquid handling systems in an appropriate bio-safety cabinet such as a specialized hood allows the VERSA liquid handling systems to be utilized to handle BSL-2 and BSL-3 agents, while at the same time reducing the risk of iatrogenic infections in laboratory workers.

Each of the workstations within the VERSA Series of liquid handling equipment has different options and customizable functions. See below for a table listing which customization options are currently available for each workstation.

VERSA Liquid Handling System Modules

Independent Liquid Handling Equipment Modules

The major technological innovation of VERSA liquid handling equipment is in its precision dispensing (nL to mL range). The liquid handling components, which control all pipetting operations, consist of the following modules:



This dispense-only module is capable of delivering as many as eight separate reagents through independent reagent reservoirs. The ReagentDrop delivers fast and reliable bulk dispensing of liquids in the range of 1µL to 1000µL.


Nano Pipettor

Offering efficient aspirating and dispensing functions ranging between 30nL and 350µL, the NanoPipettor module is ideal for generating parallel dilution series and performing array printing.



Three different syringe sizes, 25µL, 250µL and 1000µL, afford the SyringePipettor unparalleled volume range, making it ideal for multi-step applications.


96 Channel Aspirator

The 96-channel aspirator is used to remove waste/supernatent during process such as nucleic
acid extraction protocols. It can be used in any plate wash steps.

Combination Liquid Handling Equipment Modules


Dual & Triple Head Module

With VERSA liquid handling equipment, the modules listed above can be combined in many configurations to perform more sophisticated liquid handling procedures.For example: DualHead, combining a Nanopipettor and ReagentDrop module for efficient nL dispensing and reagent addition, simplifies dilution protocols.TripleHead, combining a SyringePipettor with two ReagentDrop modules, is a powerful tool for many liquid-handling protocols involving multiple reagent additions as well as sample handling.

Syringe Pumps


Single Channel Pump Syringe

Single-channel syringe pump module: controls the aspiration and dispensation of liquids in the 1-20ul and 20-1000ul ranges from the single channel head.


8 Channel Syringe Pump

The 8-channel syringe pump module controls the aspiration and dispensation of liquids in the range of 20-200ul.

Deck Modules



Controls 96-well plate agitation in the range of 100-2000 rpm in both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions for specified periods of time.


Temperature Regulating Block

The Temperature Regulating Block controls the block/plate at a specified temperature ranging from 1˚C up to 80˚C.


Magnetic Bead Separator

The Magnetic Bead Separator is a 96-well format adapter that is used to separate beads used during nucleic acid isolation protocols.

Plate Transport


Plate Mover

The Plate Mover is used to move plates from one deck position to the adjacent deck position on the platform along a linear path.

For more information on VERSA Modules & Accessories download the VERSA Hood & VERSA Series brochure by filling out this form or contact AURORA directly to discuss your specific application.

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