Precision Medicine & Ion Channel Retreat 2018

16th Annual Ion Channel Retreat

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About Us

Aurora’s Ion Channel Retreat began in 2003 and has since become one of the most recognized events for Ion Channel scientists to share ideas and connect with each other. Due to the success of the inaugural Precision Medicine & Ion Channel 2017 in Vancouver, Aurora is proud to continue the joint topic retreat this year in Guangzhou, China for 2018.

Aurora’s history and experience in hosting Ion Channel conferences can boost potential new research opportunities and innovations for Precision Medicine. The PM-ICR 2018 will showcase Ion Transporter technology in Pathogenesis, Cancer Biomarkers in Ion Channel Research, Big Data in Genomics, Gene Therapy and Natural Compounds Screening and Discovery Technologies. Furthermore, the Precision Medicine session will revisit popular topics, such as Liquid Biopsy, Clinical Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology, Immunotherapy, and Biotechnology.


Precision Medicine Session

  1. Latest Applications of Liquid Biopsy Research
  2. Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) – Clinical Applications and Advancement of Genomic Medicine
  3. Immunotherapies – A Personalized Medicine Revolution
  4. Current Applications and Challenges of Gene Therapy & CRISPR-Cas9 Research
  5. Microarray and Microfluidic Technologies: Potential In Medicine & Diagnostics
  6. Big Data, AI, and Cloud Computing – The Role of Software Technology in Genomics
  7. Emerging Role of Proteomics & the Microbiome into Precision Medicine

*Topics may be subject to change

Ion Channel Session

  1. Structure and Function of Ion Channels
  2. Emerging Areas of Ion Transporter Research
  3. Cardiac Safety and the CiPA Initiative
  4. Ion Channels as Disease Targets
  5. Ion Channels as Pain Targets
  6. Ion Channel Screening Technologies
  7. Natural Compounds – A Potential Therapeutic for Ion Channel Targets
  8. Ion Channel Research & Precision Medicine – Cancer Biomarker Research, and the Development of Anti-Tumor Drugs

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Past Attendees

  • Alfred George, MD – Chair, Department of Pharmacology, at Northwestern University
  • Brad Nelson, PhD – Director and Distinguished Scientist, Deeley Research Centre, BC Cancer Agency
  • Gourab Bhattacharjee, PhD – Product Manager, Targeted Resequencing, Illumina Inc
  • David Weitz, PhD – Professor, Mallinckrodt Professor of Physics and Applied Physics at Harvard University
  • Craig January, MD, PhD – Professor at the School of Medicine and Public Health, at the University of Wisconsin
  • William Catterall, PhD – Professor and Chair of University of Washington Department of Pharmacology
  • Arthur Brown, PhD – CEO of MemChan; former founder & CEO of ChanTest
  • Yuko Sekino, PhD – Director of Pharmacology National Institute of Health Sciences, Japan
  • Edward Stevens, PhD – Head of Electrophysiology at Pfizer, Cambridge, UK
  • Dennis Lo, MD, PhD – Associate Dean, Faculty of Medicine at CUHK, Foreign Associate US Academy of Sciences
  • George Chandy, MD, PhD – Professor at NTU SG and UC Irvine
  • Kurt Stoeckli President & CSO at Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, Switzerland
  • Hailin Zhang, MD, PhD – Vice President of Hebei Medical University
  • Richard Olsen, PhDDistinguished Professor of Neuroscience at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
  • Yuklam Lo Secretariat, and Honorary Chairman, Hong Kong Biotechlogy Organization
  • An Hailong Hebei University of Technology; Professor
  • Dan Minor, PhD – Professor, Biochemistry and Biophysics, Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology, University of California
  • Steve Goldstein, MD, PhDDirector at the Institute of Pediatric Sciences, University of Chicago
  • John Dunlop, PhD VP, Neuroscience Research at Amgen, Professor of Neuroscience, University of St Andrews
  • Laszlo Urban, MD, PhD – Executive Director at Novartis
  • Jean-Pierre Valentin, PhD – Senior Director, Head of Investigative Toxicology at UCB

Registration for PMICR2018 will begin on March 1st, 2018. For inquiries regarding registration, please contact us.

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