High Throughput DNA Extraction Kits and RNA Extraction Kits

reagentsMolecular biologists working with nucleic acid isolations (DNA extraction or RNA extraction) typically require reliable and cost-efficient automated nucleic acid purification, isolation or clean-up methods. Aurora’s ready-to-use nucleic acid extraction and isolation kits provide a simple, straight-forward solution. These extraction kits provide the excellent sensitivity and specificity required for precise data generation. While these extraction kits have been optimized for use in automated liquid handling workstations, they are designed with flexibility in mind. Aurora’s nucleic acid extraction, isolation and clean-up kits are available in both paramagnetic bead and filter binding column platforms. These kits are convenient and easy to use for any sample whether investigators are working with tissue, blood or cultured cells. As a result, Aurora’s extraction and isolation kits allow scientists desiring to continue working with manual protocols to employ these kits in conjunction with almost any custom method being used today.

Features & Benefits

  • Optimized for use with Aurora’s liquid handling workstations
  • Efficient extraction of high quality DNA or RNA
  • Walk away with peace of mind
  • Available in both magnetic bead and filter column formats

For more information on Aurora’s nucleic acid extraction kits, please review the brochure or contact us directly to discuss your specific application. Aurora’s dedicated team of application scientists and engineers quickly and accurately assist users with method development, maximizing instrument performance while minimizing instrument down times.

*Disclaimer: Aurora’s DNA extraction kits and RNA extraction kits are for research purposes only, and should not be used in clinical diagnosis.

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