Automated Solid Phase Extraction (SPE)

Automate Entire Solid Phase Extraction Protocols Including Derivatization

VERSA Automated Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) workstations fully automate SPE workflow from cartridge conditioning to sample derivatization on a single deck with innovative modules. With options to have both Positive Pressure and Vacuum Manifold, VERSA Automated Solid Phase Extraction workstations ensure efficient flow of samples and reagents through cartridges. The combination of ReagentDrop, Heater-Shaker, Gripper and Nitrogen Dryer result in contamination-free sample pre-processing while increasing throughput and reproducibility. VERSA SPE workstations are highly scalable for different throughputs and budget.

Independently Validated

Dr. Thiangthum and Dr. Tanunkat from Bureau of Drug and Narcotic of Thailand is using VERSA 1100 Automated Solid Phase Extraction workstation to quantify amphetamine and methamphetamine in more than 100,000 urine samples each year.

Download the validation poster to see how VERSA 1100 Automated Solid Phase Extraction workstation is eliminating cross-contamination while ensuring accuracy and reproduciblity in urine samples of drug user.

Modules Tailored to Automate Your Entire Solid Phase Extraction Workflow

Solid Phase Extraction flowchart

Compatibility with Different Commercial Cartridges

1, 3, 6 mL Cartridges & 96 SPE Cartridge Plates



moves cartridge block and nitrogen dryer for on-deck washing, elution, nitrogen drying and derivatization



allows efficient sample pre-processing and derivatization

Vacuum Manifold

Vacuum Manifold (Negative Pressure)

ensures samples and reagents flow through cartridges efficiently

Nitrogen dryer

Nitrogen Dryer

enables on-deck nitrogen drying for derivatization

Reagent Block - Type C

Reagent Block Cooler

cools reagents for derivatization

SPE Positive Pressure Port

Positive Pressure Module

ensures samples and reagents flow through cartridges efficiently


draws reagents from their reservoirs and eliminates tip usage

SPE cartridge holder

SPE Cartridge Holder

works with Gripper to automate Wash, Elution and Fraction Collection steps

  • Capable of performing Automated Liquid Liquid Extraction on the same workstation
  • Compatibility with organic and aqueous reagents
  • Exhaust provision for volatile reagents
  • HEPA/UV/LED Enclosure – keeps samples contamination-free
  • Unparalleled Customer Service – our engineering team is readily available to troubleshoot your protocols


VERSA 10 Solid Phase Extraction SolutionVERSA 10 VERSA 1100 Solid Phase Extraction SolutionVERSA 1100
Deck Capacity 6 15
Pipetting Head

(Single Channel Function, Disposable Tip)

4 channel 4 or 8 channel
ReagentDrop N/A up to 8
Supported Cartridges 1 or 3 mL standard cartridges 1, 3 or 6 mL cartridges or 96 SPE cartridge plate
Gripper N/A Gripper
Pressure Module(s) 12 channel positive pressure module 4 channel positive pressure module and/or vacuum manifold (negative pressure)
Nitrogen Dryer 12 channels 24 or 96 channels
Shaker-Heater (2400rpm, RT to 90°C) Included Optional
Reagent Block Cooler Optional Optional
Liquid Level Sensing N/A Optional for Liquid Liquid Extraction
HEPA/UV/LED Enclosure Optional Included
Width x Depth x Height (cm) 64 x 49 x 55 99 x 75 x 90
Weight (kg) 30 162


  • Food Safety
  • Vitamin D from Blood/Serum Samples
  • Drugs of Abuse in Forensic Analysis
  • Compounds for Drug Discovery
  • Iso-Flavonoides from Urine Samples
  • Aflatoxins from Seafood Products
  • Growth Promoters in Blood
  • Semi-Volatile or Non-Volatile Analytes
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