Syringe Pump

Syringe Pumps

Finding the right partner for OEM manufacturing is critical when developing unique instrumentation. At Aurora, we understand that competitive pricing, reliability, compatibility and quality are crucial factors for successful OEM partnership. Based on these factors, we have developed a wide range of pumps and robotic components that can compliment your system to eliminate time consuming manual processes. Our dedicated team of engineers will work with your development staff to accelerate software and hardware integration, liquid handling and robotic components. Our quality management system is ISO 9001-2000 compliant.

Get More InformationAurora carries a range of versatile OEM products such as specialized mechanical peristaltic pumps and syringe pumps. Designed specifically as an OEM product, our pumps have incorporated new technology and improvements in design as a result of feedback from our customers. Aurora aims to materialize your ideas to real solutions by taking into consideration system and software compatibility, customized modifications, and the integration of application-specific accessories.

Aurora’s OEM Syringe Pumps are highly integrated, self-contained modules utilizing state-of-the-art materials for accurate delivery of fluids. Total syringe volumes from 20 µL to 1000 µL are available with pump speeds ranging from 1 second to 20 minutes per full syringe stroke. Aurora’s OEM Syringe Pump can communicate singly or in a multi-pump configuration through an RS-232 or Controlled Area Network (CAN) interface. Up to 12 pumps can be connected in the multi-pump configuration. Aurora’s pumps support 9,600 baud for RS-232 and 100K for CAN. Aurora’s OEM Syringe Pumps are compact, lightweight and practically maintenance free. Its anodized cast aluminum frame has two mounting holes on its face for easy access and panel mounting. Various interface programs are also available to help customers become operational quickly.

For more information, please review the brochure or contact us directly to discuss your specific needs. Thank you for considering AURORA to solve your lab automation requirements.

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