CRYSTA Lab Water Purification System

Ultra-pure water (Type I) and pure water (Type II) is a vital resource for every scientific application. The CRYSTA lab water purification system delivers the best technical results for your lab water purification needs from general pure lab water use in buffer preparation and high purity glassware rinsing to critical use in High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and Polymerase Chain Reactions (PCR). The CRYSTA pure water filtration system produces highly purified water at a reliable, efficient and robust rate that meets the American Standard for Testing & Materials water purity specifications. The CRYSTA also surpasses the Clinical & Laboratory Standards Institute specifications for Type 1 water and Type 2 water resistivity levels. It accomplishes this by using a unique network of filtration mechanisms to maximize water resistivity and yield low total organic carbon concentrations.

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Water Purity Levels



CRYSTA 2500 produces ultra-pure grade water ideally suited for demanding scientific applications like HPLC, IC, ICP-MS, TOC Analysis, Organic Analysis, GF-AAS, Toxicology Research, Capillary Electrophoresis, and Environmental Protection Experimental Analysis.

Key Features

  • Double wavelength UltraViolet Lamp at 185 nm and 254 nm oxidizes organics and yields very low total organic carbon concentrations
  • Ultrapure polishing cartridges filter out trace contaminations
  • One-button full auto sterilization of entire filtration system
  • Internal recirculation function to limit bacterial growth and adhesion of contaminants to system
  • Timed dispense mode for convenient walk away unattended operation
  • Real-time display of water resistivity, outlet temperature, total dissolved solid concentrations of inlet and outlet water, and remaining cartridge longevity
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For more information, please review the CRYSTA brochure or contact us directly to discuss your specific application.


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