AB MagPure Plant DNA Isolation Kit

AB MagPure Plant DNA Isolation Kit

  • – Magnetic bead-based DNA extraction
  • – Consistent extraction results
  • – Purified high quality genomic DNA is ready use in downstream application
  • – Protocols compatible with manual and automation workflows


Reliable isolation of high quality DNA from plant materials is inherently difficult due to the high polysaccharide content and inhibitors present in plant tissues. To overcome this, Aurora Biomed has developed the AB MagPure Plant DNA isolation kit, a robust, plant specific kit. The optimized reagent chemistry ensures efficient, selective binding DNA, and subsequent removal of impurities and enzyme inhibitors. The resultant purified DNA is of high quality and suitable for direct use in downstream applications including PCR, Enzymatic reactions, SNP genotyping etc.

Each kit allows for 96 samples (15-40mg dried tissue or 50-200mg fresh tissue) to be processed. The MagPure Plant DNA protocol is compatible with both manual and automated workflows.

Product Data

DNA yield comparison from 30mg of ground tissue used in each DNA extraction. DNA was quantified using Qubit 3.0


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