COVID-19 Rapid Test Kits


    Need constant Covid-19 Screening at your business or school? Get Faster Result and buy rapid tests now.

    Are you tired of waiting for your Covid-19 results from labs but still want a safer workspace? Are you scared of your children being exposed to Covid-19 when they go to school? Covid-19 Rapid Tests can give you fast and accurate result in under 15 minutes,  order now  from Aurora.

    Volume discounts   can be applied for large orders, chat or email us today if you prioritise your health at your school or workplace.

    One provider, multiple rapid-testing solutions

    Point-of-care rapid tests are onsite to provide results in within 15 minutes.

    Different tests serve different needs. With a complete suite of Health Canada-authorized and FDA/EUA authorized rapid tests, Aurora develops, implements and supports effective, evidence-based testing programs.