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UltraFast QPCR (FQ-8A)


    UltraFast QPCR (FQ-8A)

    Ultrafast QPCR(FQ-8A), reliable, real-time quantitative PCR tests with 8 sample slots per run. Each run takes around 30 minutes and yields a high standard result.

    Looking for a high-quality, clinical-lab grade device to perform reliable, real-time quantitative PCR tests? Trying to set up a small PCR test lab but being constrained by the high cost of a high-quality PCR testing device? Look no further! Aurora is glad to present you with its compact and budget-friendly QPCR device – “UltraFast (FQ-8A) ”. This machine is ideal for low-throughput real-time QPCR testing with 8 sample slots per run. Each run takes around 30 minutes and yields a high standard result, no matter if it is for research use or clinical diagnosis.


    • Single machine operation, easy to operate
    • Light and compact, easy to carry
    • Efficient temperature control system, the maximum temperature change rate can reach 8 ℃ per second
    • Compatible with the Coronavirus Nucleic Acid Extraction kits of Biogerm, Sansure, Shanghai ZJ Bio-Tech , maccura, Aurora, etc.

    How it works

    UltraFast QPCR (FQ-8A) PCR test, can test 1-8 samples

    Add samples

    UltraFast QPCR (FQ-8A) PCR test

    Run the program

    UltraFast QPCR (FQ-8A) PCR test

    Choose your test

    UltraFast QPCR (FQ-8A) PCR test, run time 30 mins to get the result

    Run time: ~30 mins

    UltraFast QPCR (FQ-8A) PCR test results

    Get results

    UltraFast QPCR (FQ-8A) PCR test, Add 1-8 samples
    UltraFast QPCR (FQ-8A) PCR test, Run the program, Select Test Scan
    UltraFast QPCR (FQ-8A) PCR test, choose your test
    UltraFast QPCR (FQ-8A) PCR test, run time 30 mins to get the result
    UltraFast QPCR (FQ-8A) PCR test, Record Display, Get results.

    Performance parameters

    Run time for 40-cycles PCR reaction30 minutes
    Average heating-up rate50℃ – 90℃,≥3.0℃/s
    Maximum heating-up rate50℃ – 90℃,≥6.0℃/s
    Average cooling rate90℃ – 50 ℃,≥3.5℃/s
    Maximum cooling rate90℃ – 50℃,≥6.5℃/s
    Module control accuracy≤0.5℃
    Temperature accuracyAbsolute value of difference between measured value and set temperature ≤0.5℃
    Temperature uniformity±1℃
    Temperature Accuracy during the run±5%
    RepeatabilityThe CV of the Ct value shall not be greater than 3%
    Reaction Linearityr≥0.980
    Fluorescence linearityLinear regression coefficient r≥0.990

    General specifications

    Contamination level2
    Protection level of equipment shellIPX 0
    Dimensions (in mm)50L × 190W × 120H
    Weight3.2kg (With power adapter 3.8kg)
    Input voltage100-240V AC

    Fluorescence channel


    FAM,SYBR GreenⅠ;







    Sample number8 channels
    Weight3.2kg (Including power adapter 3.8kg)
    Size25cm x 19cm x 12cm
    AutomationAutomatic PCR amplification and result output
    Laser Source4 monochrome LED
    DetectionSilicon Multiplier
    ROX/Texas Red
    Max Temperature rate8℃/S
    Temperature accuracy±0.3℃
    SensitivityDetectable more than 200copies/ml
    Fluorescent channel4 Channels

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The device only run 8 samples in capped striped/non-striped PCR 0.1 ml transparent thin-walled tubes.

    UltraFast QPCR is a compact (small), budget-friendly device with ease of operation for real-time PCR (quantitative and qualitative results up to 8 samples.

    UltraFast QPCR (FQ-8A) reagents are similar. But the consumables are only striped/non-striped PCR 0.1 ml transparent thin-walled tubes and 57 x 30 mm receipt paper.

    No. The compact UltraFast QPCR (FQ-8A) does not need any external devices and has its ow7-inch touch screen.  Users can program and operate the device using the built-in software.

    The results as graphs and values can be seen on the screen and could also be collected using a USB flash drive and also the raw values can be printed right away on a receipt paper from the device.

    Rapid detection of virus nucleic acid, small size, lightweight, can be applied in the following scenarios: Research Labs, Hospital POCT, CDC, Customs, Airport Quarantine, Primary Medical Institutions, field emergency detection, animal quarantine, food safety, etc.

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