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09 April, 2015

We all have to get an annual flu shot. I know, it’s not really fun, but at least you’ll be protected during flu season, and hey, if your nurse is nice maybe you will get a sucker afterwards! But why do we have to get a flu shot every year? Most of us know that […] Read More ⇒

31 March, 2015

Much like invertebrates, plants represent a large source of therapeutic compounds. Plants rely on chemicals for everything, and many of these compounds co-evolved with animals and fungi. Some were meant to attract, while others are meant to deter. Our signals seem to have gotten crossed when it comes to one such plant, who’s defensive mechanism is the very […] Read More ⇒

20 March, 2015

Many of our best drugs are derived from natural sources. Most people will first think of the curative properties of plants such as willows (acetylsalicylic acid, Aspirin) and Pacific Yew (paclitaxel, a cancer-fighting agent). These plants produce chemicals which help with everything from communication and mating to defense and self-medication. However, there is a greater […] Read More ⇒

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Automated Differential Digestion of Sexual Assault Kits by the VERSA 1100

Validation of a Magnetic Bead Vortexer on the VERSA 1100 GENE

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