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Meet the Specialists using Aurora’s instruments

Dr. Jamie Joseph
University of Waterloo

Madison Hall at Integrity Sciences using VERSA automated liquid handler Aurora Biomed Inc. Machine used for Lab Automation. Customer testimonial.

Madison Hall
Integrity Sciences

VERSA 10 and VERSA 1100

Andre Kartick and Cristina Servidio
DNA Labs International

VERSA 1100


Tony Nguyen
Forensic Services Division of the Contra Costa Office of Sheriff
VERSA 1100

John Chittum Virginia Commonwealth University VERSA SPOTTER for SARS-CoV-2 virus. Aurora Biomed Lab customer testimonial.

John Chittum
Virginia Commonwealth University

Trusted By Our Customers

Reviews and Reference letters

I highly recommend Aurora’s VERSA automation workstations to any lab requiring a flexible liquid handling system with reliable customer service.

University of Arizona – VERSA NGLP

I would highly recommended Aurora Biomed’s VERSA automation workstations for labs looking to automate their NGS workflow or other general liquid handling needs.

Virginia Commonwealth University – VERSA 1100

The hands-free automation on these instruments has drastically increased our throughput while lowering report turn-around-times.

Integrity Sciences – VERSA Series

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