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Automated Vial Filling Workstation

Automated liquid handling System

Automated Vial Filling Workstation

VERSA 110 Automated Vial Filling Workstation

Manually filling vials with reagents is a tedious, time-consuming and error-prone process making it difficult to effectively meet the high throughput needs requested by most reagent companies using common manual filling techniques. The VERSA™ 110 Vial Filling system is an automated liquid handling workstation designed to meet or exceed these requirements. Automating the process improves accuracy, versatility and reliability. In addition, an automated vial filler must offer an acceptable confidence value (CV) to meet or exceed tight regulatory standards and satisfy growing statistical process control expectations regarding delivered reagent volumes. Automated vial filling machines must be capable of supporting a growing span of liquid products and fill sizes such as multiwell microplates, micro tubes, vials, and reagent bottles. Aurora’s VERSA™ 110 Automated Vial Filling Workstation is designed to meet or exceed the requirements for dispensing reagents or free-flowing to low-viscosity liquids into different types of containers in volumes ranging from the size of sub-microliter to milliliter. This workstation increases sample numbers processed while conserving expensive reagents and eliminates concerns associated with volumetric variations caused by handling errors by automating all associated repetitive pipetting protocols.

Automated liquid handling System
  • cryovial filling
  • multi-well microplate filling
  • microtube filling


Automated Vial Filling Workstation
Volume1 μL to 20 mL
PrecisionCV value <1% at 50 μL
Deck capacity
• 8 to 24 SBS deck positions
• Reagent block (cooling/heating)
• Accommodates all types of vessels of differing heights/sizes
Dispensing headSingle robotic arm equipped with 2-8 ReagentDrop channels (adjustable spacing)
Accessory options• HEPA / UV / Fluorescent light enclosure
• For customized adaptors please contact Aurora
Throughput3mL/s per channel
Dimension (VERSA 110 / 1100)W 60 x L 60 x H 45 cm / W 75.2 x L 98.5 x H 89 in
Weight (VERSA 110 / 1100)35kg / 162 kg


  • Complete walk-away solution frees up time for lab staff
  • Precise volume dispensing to distribute the same amount every time
  • A medium-throughput solution to process many vials at once
  • Dispense multiple different solutions in the same workflow
  • Supports diverse vial types for maximum flexibility

We are using different size of tubes, how many of tubes can be fitted on your instrument deck, what is the throughput?

The size of clients’ tubes will be measured by Aurora’s engineering team so that we can calculate how many tubes will be able to fit on the deck per run.

Does this instrument come with a safety hood?

It is optional to have the instrument come with a safety hood that includes a HEPA filter, UV lights and ventilation modules.

Since we are using different size of tubes, how do you make sure the pipettore is able to dispense into each tubes? What would be the solution?

The dispensing channels of Aurora’s liquid handling system can be customized to have independent movement so that all pipettors can fit into any given size of the tube.

Is your instrument compatible to customized consumables (plates, vials and etc.,)?

Yes. Customers can send a sample of their customized consumables to Aurora for assessment. If it passes the assessment, an adaptor for the corresponding consumable will be built so that it can be used on our system.

Can we apply autoclave on your instrument?

Different material has different tolerance to autoclave conditions, for example: stainless steel can stand high temperature and pressure during autoclave, but some plastic may not. Please consult with Aurora’s product specialist to figure out which part of the instrument is customizable for autoclaves.