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Automated PCR Reaction Setup Workstation

VERSA-110-NAP PCR deck, Automated liquid handling System

Automated PCR Reaction Setup Workstation

VERSA automated PCR Setup workstations replace repetitive pipetting for any type of PCR setup protocols for highly accurate and contamination-free liquid handling. VERSA series offers ultimate flexibility while being compatible with many PCR and qPCR formats including 96- or 384-well plates, LightCycler carousel, Rotor-Gene rings, and AmpliSlide. VERSA’s Gripper and Transporter enable more flexibility in tailoring different protocols, unlike slider systems that allow limited plate movement between two neighboring decks. Scientists benefit from increased throughput, reproducibility and walk-away time.

We have relied on the Versa 1100 PCR for over two years as a key component to the development of innovative solutions for industrial water processes. The accurate and versatile liquid handling instrument is complemented by a responsive and resourceful customer service team to ensure our results can keep our customers operating at peak performance.

          —Pulp & Paper RD&E, Nalco Water, An Ecolab Company

  • End Filling/Nick Translation Setup
  • Genomic Library Screening
  • PCR Clean-up
  • Colony PCR Screening
  • Master-Mix Preparation
  • Cherry Picking and Reagent Pooling
  • Serial and Parallel Dilution
  • Plate Reformatting
VERSA 10 with hood– Compact Automated Liquid Handling Workstation. This robotic liquid handler can conduce qPCR and PCR Set-up Sequencing Reaction Set-up Nucleic Acid Purification Microarray Spotting Immuno and Biochemical Assays Cell-Based Assays Environmental Sample Preparation General Liquid Handling – dilution, plate reformatting, and aliquoting. For 96 well plates and 384 well plates.
VERSA110 Microarray Spotter


Deck Capacity6815
Pipetting Head
(Single Channel Function, Disposable Tip)
4 or 8-channelSingle channel (Dual syringe pump)8 or 96 channel or 4 channel with independent Z-axis
ReagentDropN/A4 channels8 channels
96-Tip AspiratorN/AOptional1
Temperature Regulation Block114
Reagent Cooling Block111
Plate Shaker111*
Magnetic Block111*
Gripper / Plate TransporterPlate TransporterPlate TransporterGripper
Liquid Level SensingOptionalOptionalOptional
HEPA / UV / LED EnclosureOptionalOptionalIncluded
Width x Depth x Height (cm)65 x 43 x 5260 x 60 x 4598.5 x 75.2 x 108.2
Weight (kg)2735200

*Could be upgraded to Shaker-Heater-Magnet Elevator

Independently Validated

Automation of One-Step Real-time PCR based DNA Quantitative Kit for Diagnosis of HBV on VERSA 10 Workstation.

Download the checkerboard validation to see how the VERSA automated PCR workstation is being used for eliminating cross-contamination while demonstrating incomparable reproducibility in Real-time PCR based applications.

Automation of SensiFAST Real-time qPCR mix with MIC qPCR system on VERSA 10 Workstation.

A collaboration between Aurora, BMS, and Bioline advances real-time qPCR solutions with utmost sensitivity, cost-efficacy, and precision. Download to learn more about the successful deployment of a small-footprint, ultrafast, automatable solution for qPCR assays utilizing the VERSA 10 automated PCR Setup workstation.

automated qPCR Setup validation

Validation of Real-Time PCR Setup using cDNA from two Genes of Trout Fish

Download the Validation poster to see how VERSA 10 automated PCR workstations are used for Real-Time PCR Setup using cDNA from two Genes of Trout Fish.

Real-time PCR setup using cDNA from two Genes of Trout Fish

Modules Tailored to Your Automated PCR / RT-PCR Protocols


GeneDisc Adaptor Ring

Modules & Accessories, Magnetic Bead Vortex, equipped to your liquid handler for lab automation.

Beckman Coulter™

Advalytix Amplislide Adaptor

Modules & Accessories, 8-channel pipette head, equipped to your liquid handler for lab automation. For 96 well plates and 384 well plates.

8 Chanel Pipetting Head

with single channel function

Plate Transporter

enables more flexibility than slider systems


Reagent Block Cooler

preserves dNTPs and enzymes

Modules & Accessories, Reagent drop for automated Liquid handling


draws reagents directly  from the reservoirs

  • Highly accurate air-displacement technology increases reproducibility
  • Accurate preparation of PCR/qPCR master-mix
  • Flexibility to perform other associated tasks such as normalization and plate reformatting
  • Low dead volume reduces costs associated with reagent waste
  • Open System – compatible with diverse reagents, kits and labware
  • HEPA/UV/LED Enclosure – keeps samples contamination-free
  • Scalable Solution – processes 1 to 96 samples in parallel depending on throughput demands
  • Unparalleled Customer Service – our engineering team is readily available to troubleshoot your protocols


VERSA Automated PCR Setup System Compatibility

Automated liquid handling System

Carousel PCR Setup


Qiagen™ Rotorgene Setup


Slide Based PCR Setup

“… smooth operation and satisfactory use of Aurora’s VERSA liquid handling station. The software allows for simple manipulation of the workstation to optimize the flexibility needed to accommodate third-party reagent kits. Furthermore, Aurora Biomed’s staff provide quick and effective responses when they receive troubleshooting requests.”

G.D. Chen, Senior Researcher, Genomics BioSci & Tech.

How does VERSA preserve temperature sensitive reagents and primers on deck?

The VERSA Automated PCR Setup system is equipped with a Reagent Block Cooler that can keep precious dNTPs and temperature-sensitive buffers, enzymes and primers at 4°C on-deck.

How does the VERSA Automated PCR setup system prevent sample cross-contamination?

VERSA utilizes disposable tips to eliminate cross-contamination. Additionally, the aspirating and dispensing speed is carefully adjusted to avoid splashing or carry-over contamination. VERSA liquid handlers can also be equipped with a HEPA filter and UV light to keep the environment contamination-free.

Can VERSA be used to make multiple replicates of samples/plates?

Yes, the VERSA workstation is suitable for a wide range of genomics applications such as plate replication, plate reformatting and serial dilutions.

Can VERSA Automated PCR Setup system automate normalization of samples with different concentrations?

Yes, the normalization tab in the operating software allows the user to program the DNA normalization process step by step through a user-friendly and drag-and-drop interface.

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