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Nucleic Acid Extraction Systems

ADNap 20 is a fully automated bench top system for high-throughput extraction of nucleic acids from a variety of sources.

Nucleic Acid Extraction Systems

Nucleic acid extraction is an increasingly important tool for molecular biology applications. Before the development of new technologies for extraction, nucleic acid separation had been a time- and work-consuming process, often limited by small yields and low purities of the separation products, and not suited for automation and up-scaling. During the last decades, magnetic beads (particles) were developed that could help to overcome the existing challenges. Together with an appropriate buffer system, they allow for the efficient and fast purification of the DNA/RNA directly from crude cell extracts. Aurora as a leading company for lab automation systems also has developed technologies for magnetic-based nucleic acid extraction. VERSA™ and ADNAP extraction systems are two generations of instruments that work based on the magnetic bead RNA/DNA extraction method and help you automate your workflow.

Simply refer to the comparison table to find out which of the automated extraction systems works best for you.

VERSA™ SeriesADNAP20 Series
Available ModelsVERSA™ 10

VERSA™ 1100




ThroughputMediumMedium to High
Automation LevelFullSemi
ConsumablesAutomated Tips

Extraction Kits (with or without magnetic beads)

SBS Standard Well plate/PCR plate or tubes

Disposable Tip Comb

Extraction Kits with magnetic beads only

SBS Standard deep-well plate

Samples per run96x samples/run or less numbers adjustable (1x – 96x)16/32/96 x samples /run only
Processing volume1µL – 1000µL20µL – 1000µL
Operation interfaceSeparate PC with monitorBuilt-in touch screen
UV lightYesYes
Run time90 Minutes15-30 Minutes/run

(Time depends on specific kits/reagents used)

Weight31/165 Kg12/35/55 Kg
SizeBench TopBench Top

(L * W * H)


45 x 57 x 54 cm

98.5 x 75.2 x 89 cm

25x32x27.5 cm

40x40x45 cm

60x50x50 cm

Ease of UseInstallation/Training  RequiredPlug in – Simple…

Benefits of Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction Workstations

Aurora’s VERSA™ and ADNAP 20 series saved clients’ valuable time by eliminating several or all manual steps. These instruments reduce processing time and also decrease human errors which enhances the reproducibility of the results. Results obtained from VERSA™ and ADNAP nucleic acid extractors are consistent in performance among different validations run by our clients.

Level of Automation


96 purifications in 1.5 hours         <15 min hands-on prep

Installation-and-play setup adjustable/modifiable protocol libraries


96 purification in 30 minutes        <30 min hands-on prep

Plug-and-play setup adjustable protocol libraries

Automated Purification Kits & Consumables

Both series of Aurora’s extraction systems work based on Magnetic bead RNA/DNA extraction. Magnetic bead-based nucleic acid extraction kits are also provided by Aurora and various vendors utilize small paramagnetic beads that strongly but reversibly bind to RNA/DNA resulting in high and consistent RNA/DNA yields and purity. Magnetic beads are more flexible with using different sample types such as whole blood, cells, etc.

Aurora’s VERSA™ is compatible with most of the commercially available kits such as NucleoMag kits (Macherey-NAGEL), MagPure kits (Angen Biotech), and MagMAX kits (Thermo Fisher Scientific).

Aurora’s ADNAP series similarly is also compatible with most of the commercially available kits!

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