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VERSA Custom Solutions

VERSA Custom Solutions

Aurora has established a solid track record for helping our clients eliminate tedious and time-consuming operations related to pipetting, mixing, transport between workstation, sample incubation delays, data entry and many more customizing their special protocols or special steps in the existing protocols. Our VERSA series has been designed as robust and flexible liquid handling workstations with components that can be adapted to accommodate even the most challenging applications. The VERSA platform can be easily integrated into your application allowing for liquid handling automation of various assay formats, integration with LIMS and third-party instruments.

The need for automation of sample preparation of biologically hazardous samples poses challenges for many robotic workstations often requiring manual capping and uncapping steps which expose workers to potentially hazardous substances or risk contamination of samples.

Manually filling vials with reagents is a tedious, time consuming and error prone process making it difficult to effectively meet the high throughput needs requested by most reagent companies using common manual filling techniques.

The VERSATM 600 IonFlux Setup Workstation is a small, automated liquid handling workstation designed to automatically set up IonFlux Plates for the Fluxion’s IonFlux Automated Patch Clamp System.