Modules & Accessories


    An instrument tailored to you

    See what options and accessories can be equipped to your liquid handler depending on your specific application, you don’t change for the instrument, the instrument changes for you.


    Conical Microfuge Tube Holder

    Cooler Plate Adaptors


    Reagent Cooler Block

    Adaptor Ring

    Next Generation Sequencing/Massive Parralel Sequencing


    Reagent Drop

    Magnetic Bead Vortex


    96 Channel Aspirator

    Magnetic Bead Separator

    8-channel-pipette head

    8-channel pipette head


    Magnetic Bead Vortex

    96 Channel pipette head

    4-channel pipette head

    Automated liquid handling System



    Reagent cooler block

    Heater shaker

    76-well Reagent Block

    Solid Phase Extraction

    Cartridge Holder for SPE automation

    Column Holder

    Nitrogen Dryer for Automated Solid Phase Extraction System (SPE Automation)

    Nitrogen Dryer

    Positive Pressure Module for VERSA Automated Solid Phase Extraction System

    Positive Pressure Module

    Vacuum Manifold for Negative Pressure SPE Automation

    Negative Pressure Vacuum

    Liquid Liquid Extraction

    Tube Holder

    Heater Shaker

    GC Vial Holder

    VERSA Barcode reader

    Bar Code Reader

    MicroArray Spot Printing

    Wash Station

    Differential Digestion Slide

    Slide Adaptors

    35 Channel Spot Printer

    Nano Pipettor

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