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Tube to Plate Reformatting

VERSA-10 deck, Automated liquid handling System, Tube to Plate Reformatting

Tube to Plate Reformatting

NEW APPLICATION NOTE: Automating COVID-19 Viral RNA Extraction

Automation of COVID-19 RNA purification using HALO Mag nucleic acid extraction kit on VERSA 10

Automated Liquid Handling, Versa10, Deck Layout

Tube to Plate Transfer Deck Layout

Tube to Plate Reformatting, Made Easy!

Looking to automate the tedious task of transferring patient samples from tubes to the 96-well plate of your DNA or RNA extraction instrument? Look no further than the VERSA 10 Automated Liquid Handling Workstation to streamline your tube to plate reformatting.

Fast and easy reformatting is enabled by the 4-channel robotic head, aliquoting samples from sample tubes to 96-well extraction plates. Sample tracking is possible by either importing an excel file or directly scanning sample barcodes into the VERSA 10 software.

Accelerate the First Step of your DNA/RNA Extraction and PCR Workflow

Automating this step in a molecular testing workflow will reduce the chance of human error and exposure time of staff to patient samples. The VERSA 10 is a compact desktop automated liquid handling platform that takes up little laboratory space. The open nature instrument software allows you to create and modify protocols as needed, facilitating the easy incorporation of new molecular tests into your testing portfolio.

Compatible With Your Current Workflows – no need to buy a new extraction instrument!

The VERSA 10 is compatible with the standard 96-well SBS footprint plates used in automated extraction platforms. This includes automated extraction instruments like the KingFisher Flex automated extraction system, meaning that the VERSA 10 can easily fit into your lab’s current extraction workflow.

Key Features

  • Up to 96 sample tubes on deck at a time
  • Manual Barcode scanning for sample tracking
  • Compatible with standard 24 and 96 well plates
  • Pre-programmed protocols
  • 4-channel pipette head
  • Optional 4 channel syringe pipettor with independent Z-axis allows working out of source sample tubes
  • Highly accurate air-displacement technology increases reproducibility
  • Flexibility to perform other associated task such as normalization, plate reformatting, and PCR setup
  • Open System – compatible with diverse reagents, kits and labware
  • HEPA/UV/LED Enclosure – keeps samples contamination-free
  • Scalable Solution – processes 1 to 96 samples in parallel depending on throughput demands
  • Unparalleled Customer Service – our engineering team is readily available to troubleshoot your protocols

Automated DNA/RNA Extraction Applications

  • Human Blood and Saliva
  • Plant DNA and RNA Extraction/Purification
  • Soil and Environmental Samples
  • Molecular Diagnostics
  • DNA Fingerprinting
  • Automated Viral RNA Extraction for SARS-CoV-2
  • Food Contamination Analysis
  • Animal Disease Detection

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