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Environmental Sample Preparation

Automated liquid handling System

Environmental Sample Preparation

VERSA 110 Environmental Sample Processing Workstation

As the health effects of environmental contamination are better understood, regulations become more stringent for persistent environmental organic contaminants in water and processed or unprocessed foods. Environmental agencies and the food processing industry are hard-pressed to detect and measure contaminations in water, soil, and food samples; screening for diverse contaminants manually over a large number of samples is cumbersome and error-prone, automation is necessary to efficiently aliquot samples and carry out high throughput repetitive liquid handling protocols. Aurora’s automated Environmental Sample Processing Workstation is capable of aspirating environmental samples from tall tubes and dispensing them to specially designed recipient racks or carousels, including Konelab cuvettes. This workstation carries out user-defined dilutions and repetitive and complex environmental liquid handling processes for up-front sample preparation. Automated performance using this high-precision instrument has been determined to be significantly more accurate, sensitive and precise than traditional manual performance. Combining the automated Sample Processing Workstation with a chemical analyzer such as the Konelab analyzer provides the user with a complete analysis package – from raw samples through to results.

Features & Benefits

  • Complete walk-away solution frees up time for lab staff
  • Supports multiple labware and tubes including Konelab cuvettes
  • Easily carries out all user-defined dilutions
  • High precision reduces variability and increases reproducibility
  • High throughput solution to process multiple samples in parallel
  • Low dead volume reduces costs associated with reagent waste

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