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    Electrogenic membrane proteins are diverse in both structure and function. This heterogeneity is vital to serving a wide array of physiological roles. At Aurora, we take pride in tailoring our ICR assay to fit our clients’ needs. We make a sincere effort to get out in front of the field and pioneer new means of tackling challenging problems. Our scientists are currently collaborating with pharmaceutical and academic partners to develop new and effective ICR-based assays for use in transporters, natural products, and cancer biomarkers as well as drug discovery studies.

    Small & electroneutral ion fluxes can limit the application of conventional EP to ion transporter study. Aurora’s ICR is a technology for both functional & pharmacological transporters study.

    Aurora’s ion channel screening technology is capable of detecting ion flux across transmembrane proteins. It is also able to meet the high throughput demand of animal toxin screening for drug development

    Ion Channels are involved in the signal transduction of tumor cells. Inhibiting channels like hERG in cancer cells by using selective blockers that do not produce cardiac arrhythmia is a strategy for anticancer therapy.

     Ion channels are one of the major drug targets that account for 13 % of FDA drugs. In the case of the Covid-19 outbreak, there are two therapeutic methods for targeting these channels.