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Solid Phase Extraction Columns and Plates


    Aurora Biomed offers a wide selection of solid phase extraction (SPE) columns available for use in any industry sector to provide consistent results. Available in 1,3 and 6mL columns as well as 96-well plate formats, Aurora Biomed offers sorbents made of silica, carbon aluminum oxide and resin for all of your normal phase, reverse phase and ion exchange extractions. Aurora SPE Columns and Plates are designed to be used with the VERSA™ automated SPE workstations for a complete solution for all of your SPE needs. Get in touch with your local Aurora Biomed sales representative or download our cartridge catalog below for more information on our column offerings.

    Available Sorbents

    Reverse Phase

    C18, C8, HLB

    Normal Phase

    NH2, Diol, SO3H, Florisil, Silica, Alumina and Graphitized Carbon Black

    Ion Exchangers

    C8SAX, C8SCX, MAX and MCX


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