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Elemental Analysis OEM Solutions

Elemental Analysis OEM Solutions

At Aurora, we are dedicated to providing OEM solutions that are perfectly tailored to your requirements. We take into consideration process flow integration, application-specific modifications and system/software compatibility. Our ultimate goal is to deliver automation solutions with a high impact on efficiency, reliability, and ease-of-use, while strictly adhering to our clients’ budget and timeline objectives.



Vapor / Hydride Generator

The VG 411 Vapor Hydride Generator provides enhanced sensitivities, reduced interferences and extremely low detection limits for mercury and hydride-forming metals.

Hollow Cathode Lamp

We are able to supply more than 70 different Hallow Cathode Lamps of both 37mm (1.5″) and 50mm (2″) diameter, a variety of Deuterium Lamps and High-Intensity Hallow Cathode Lamps for use with most available spectrometers.