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Automated Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) System


    VERSA-1100-SPE-AD-Left-reflection 4x5

    VERSA automated Solid Phase Extraction systems (also known as automated SPE systems) fully automate SPE workflows from cartridge conditioning to sample derivatization. With the combination of the ReagentDrop™ dispenser, Heater-Shaker, Gripper, and Nitrogen Dryer, VERSA automated solid phase extraction (SPE) systems act to produce contamination-free sample pre-processing and trace analyte enrichment before performing sample analysis by a chromatography-based platform (HPLC, GCMS, HPLC-MS, etc).

    The VERSA line of automated SPE systems are highly scalable for different throughputs and budgets. From the compact VERSA 10 to the highly customizable VERSA 1100, they can boost productivity in applications ranging from forensics, environmental samples, pharmaceutical compound analysis (ADME), metabolomics, and food safety.

    • Food Safety
    • Vitamin D from Blood/Serum Samples
    • Drugs of Abuse in Forensic Analysis
    • Compounds for Drug Discovery
    • Iso-Flavonoides from Urine Samples
    • Aflatoxins from Seafood Products
    • Growth Promoters in Blood
    • Semi-Volatile or Non-Volatile Analytes
    • Protein Precipitation


    VERSA 1100 Automated Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) System
    Deck Capacity15
    Pipetting Head

    (Single Channel Function, Disposable Tip)

    4 or 8 channel
    ReagentDropup to 8
    Supported Cartridges1, 3 or 6 mL cartridges or 96 SPE cartridge plate
    Pressure Module(s)4 channel positive pressure module and/or vacuum manifold (negative pressure)
    Nitrogen Dryer24 or 96 channels
    Shaker-Heater (2400rpm, RT to 90°C)Optional
    Reagent Block CoolerOptional
    Liquid Level SensingOptional for Liquid Liquid Extraction
    HEPA/UV/LED EnclosureIncluded
    Width x Depth x Height (cm)99 x 75 x 90
    Weight (kg)162

    Independently Validated

    High-Throughput SPE/GC-MS Method for Quantification of Methamphetamine and Amphetamine in Urine Samples of Drug Users

    View the validation poster to see how the VERSA 1100 automated Solid Phase Extraction system is eliminating cross-contamination while ensuring accuracy and reproducibility in urine samples of drug users.

    Development of an Automated Solid Phase Extraction of Procainamide in Serum Samples

    Decrease of Protein Phosphatase 2A Subunit B by Glutamate Exposure in the Cerebral Cortex of Neonatal Rats

    Modules Tailored for your Entire Automated SPE Workflow

    SPE Cartridge Holder

    works with the Gripper to automate conditioning, loading, washing, eluting, and fraction collecting steps

    Current Gripper


    moves cartridge block and nitrogen dryer for on-deck washing, elution, drying, and derivatization


    allows efficient sample pre-processing and derivatization, streamlines complete automated SPE workflow

    Vacuum Manifold (Negative Pressure)

    ensures samples and reagents flow through cartridges efficiently

    Positive Pressure Module for VERSA Automated Solid Phase Extraction System

    Positive Pressure Module

    ensures samples and reagents flow through cartridges efficiently

    Nitrogen Dryer

    enables on-deck sample drying/concentration prior to reconstitution/derivatization

    Reagent Block Cooler

    cools reagents for



    dispenses reagents from off-deck reservoirs and eliminates tip usage – prevents dripping of volatile solvents

    • Capable of performing Automated Liquid Liquid Extraction on the same workstation (VERSA 1100)
    • Compatibility with organic and aqueous reagents
    • Exhaust system available to remove volatile organic fumes
    • HEPA/UV/LED Enclosure – keeps samples contamination-free
    • Unparalleled Customer Service – our engineering team is readily available to troubleshoot your protocols

    What is the throughput?

    It can be configured for 24-sample or 96-well format depending on instrument channels (4 or 8 channel head) – actual throughput time will depend on the specific procedure and steps involved.

    Does the instrument come with its own nitrogen supply or does it use the lab’s?

    The workstation’s nitrogen dryer has to be connected to the overall lab’s nitrogen supply for any drying step.

    What liquids are compatible?

    a. For ReagentDrop – most organic solvents are compatible – avoid concentrated aqueous solutions (salting out could clog the tubing) and concentrated acids or bases (can degrade metal components)

    b. For pipetting and solutions on deck – avoid very volatile solvents and any concentrated acids or bases (fumes can degrade instrument components).

    What is the sample handling volume?

    a. Pipette maximum aspiration/dispensing volume is 1000uL

    b. Samples handling is around 10-15 mL

    Can the samples and solvent be kept cool?

    Yes, we have cooler/heater flat plates that can bring down the temperature to 4 oC.

    What sample sizes/consumables are compatible?

    We have custom fabrication/3D printing abilities to meet whatever your need.

    What if my solvent is not compatible with polypropylene pipette tips?

    We can offer a steel-pin system (4 or 8-channel, up to 1000 uL) system.

    Is barcode tracking available?

    Barcode tracking is optional.

    What column sizes are compatible with the VERSA 1100 SPE?

    Our system can fit 1 mL, 3 mL, and 6 mL SPE cartridges which would then use a positive pressure module, as well as 96-well SPE extraction plates which would use a vacuum system instead of a positive pressure modulator.

    Difference between a vacuum system and positive pressure module?

    Positive pressure module will be used for conditioning, washing and elution if the samples were processed in cartridge columns. Vacuum system is used if the samples are processed in a 96-well plate.

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