TRACE Atomic Absorption Spectrometers


    Dependable, Durable, and Complete Solutions for Atomic Absorption Spectrometry

    Aurora’s TRACE series of Atomic Absorption Spectrometers are the cornerstone of elemental analysis.

    The TRACE AI1200P provide complete solutions to accurately determine the peaks of 70+ elements, the widest analysis range on the market.

    The TRACE AI 1800 with dual flame (F) and graphite furnace (GF) atomizer, autosampler, and micro-volume flame analysis technology provides unparalleled throughput and sub ppb detection.

    With the previously mentioned features and the ability to include vapor-hydride generation (VG) capabilities to enable near-sub-ppb detection of certain elements, Aurora’s TRACE series of Atomic Absorbance Spectrometers can be configured to meet all of your elemental analysis requirements.

    Atomic absorbance spectrometer spectrometry instrument trace ai1200p 1200p plus aas aurora elemental analysis

    TRACE AI 1200P

    F, F/GF, F/VG, F/GF/VG Atomizer Configurations

    Czerny-Turner mounted optics with 1800 line/mm grating

    Aberration corrected 300 mm Focus Length

    8 Lamp Turret

    Optional Autosampler

    Optional GF Video Monitor

    Atomic absorbance spectrometer spectrometry instrument trace ai1200p 1200p plus aas aurora elemental analysis

    TRACE AI 1800

    F/GF, F/GF/VG Atomizer Configurations

    Czerny-Turner mounted optics with 1800 line/mm grating

    8 Lamp 2-D Motorized Array

    Integrate Autosampler

    Integrated GF Video Monitor

    Patented Micro Volume Flame Analysis, as low as 20 µl dispensing for flame ionization

    Features and Benefits

    Unrivaled elemental analysis potential: Each instrument can be equipped with flame ionization, graphite furnace ionization, and vapor-hydride generation capabilities; coupled with 70+ different lamp options, our AAS instruments provide unparalleled elemental analysis options.

    Automatic switching between atomizer layouts: Software-controlled atomizer configurations removes the need for manual intervention, giving you complete ease of use.

    Unparalleled background correction: Utilizing both deuterium and Smith-Hieftje background correction provides increased analytical efficiency and appreciable time-reductions in your analysis procedures. The 1000 Hz modulation frequency further enables accurate corrections.

    Quick and easy lamp upkeep: The lamps are easily accessible for simple adjustments and replacements, removing the need to completely disassemble the instrument.

    Unrestricted throughput: The optional (AI1200P) or included (AI 1800) autosampler is compatible with all types of labware on the market, giving you the confidence to stick with your tried and tested analysis procedures.


    Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

    Background interferences: The TRACE Series comes complete with the following background correction techniques:

    • Deuterium
    • Smith-Hieftje
    Antibody and Antigen COVID-19 Rapid Tests Comparison

    Online Dilution: Generating a working calibration curve from a single standard sample. Reduce waste and error, no need to make a standard dilution series by hand.

    Atomic Absorption Spectrometer Autosampler

    Autosampler: As one of most versatile autosamplers on the market, compatible with all types of third-party labware, you benefit from the complete comfort of  being able to use nearly any size of vial or sample holder. Save staff time, reduce human error, and increase sample reproducibility.

    Atomic absorbance spectrometer spectrometry instrument graphite furnace technology elemental analysis

    Fast Dry Technology: Coupled with the auto-sampler, this allows for a single-sample processing time of under 30 seconds. With further adjustments of preheating and cooling temperatures, as well as injection speeds, drying times are further decreased.

    Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (AAS), also called Atomic Emission Spectroscopy (AES), is a tried-and-tested elemental analysis technique. The instruments themselves are called atomic absorption spectrophotometers. By using a combination of an atomizing unit (to generate gaseous-phase atoms that emit light) and a spectrophotometer (to measure the intensity of light emitted from the aforementioned atoms), certain elements can be detected and quantified down to parts-per-billion and parts-per-trillion concentrations.

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