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Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

Automated Liquid Handling, Versa10, Deck Layout

Tube to Plate Reformatting

Cap Piercing

OEM Device Integration, liquid handler integration with flowcam

Lab Integration of Automation Software and Devices

Environmental Sample Preparation

VERSA 600 IonFlux Setup Workstation, Integrated with IonFlux Automated Patch Clamp System, Holds up to 5 96-well or 384 well IonFlux Plates.

Ion Flux Integrated Workstation

Automated liquid handling System

Automated Vial Filling Workstation

VERSA-1100-96CH-NAP, Automated liquid handling System, with 15-positioned modular deck configuration with options such as magnetic bead vortex, shaker-heater and ReagentDrop, For 96 well plates and 384 well plates.

Cell Based Assays