OEM Components


    Aurora’s syringe pumps, peristaltic pumps, robotic arm, pipetting and plate processing accessories features a modular design and has open software control. All of our instruments are built with a modular design so that the instrument is customized specifically according to your requirements. We can integrate third-party labware and software. This ensures that you make the most out of your entire instrument.

    OEM VERSA liquid handling

    Universal XYZ Autosampler

    > Highly accurate X, Y, and Z axis robotic movement

    > High precision and reliability

    > High-speed probe movement

    > Adjustable probe depth

    > Optional syringes to handle different liquid volumes

    > Compatible with a multitude of lab-ware types

    > A complete ‘walk-away’ system that allows other tasks to be performed while instrument is running

    Syringe Pumps

    > Syringe volumes from 20 µL to 1000 µL are available with pump speeds ranging from 1 second to 20 minutes per full syringe stroke.

    > Can communicate singly or in a multi-pump configuration through an RS-232 or Controlled Area Network (CAN) interface.

    > Up to 12 pumps can be connected in the multi-pump configuration.

    > Support 9,600 baud for RS-232 and 100K for CAN.

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