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Contractility Assays


Contractility Assays

Sarcomere Shortening
of Isolated Cardiomyocytes

Determine the effects of your compounds on cardiac contractility.

Contractility of the heart muscle cells (isolated cardiomyocytes) is an indicator of cardiac function.

heart beat

Myocardial contractility is an essential property of the normal heart. Multiple ion channels, transporters and other intracellular calcium handling proteins are involved in maintaining calcium homeostasis, which is critical for normal systolic and diastolic function. Drug-induced impairment of the regulatory machinery governing cardiac contractility can seriously affect cardiac function.

Real-time measure of sarcomere length through video acquisition is a robust and easy-to-use algorithm that provides quantitative amplitude and kinetic contractility data. We combine the use of isolated adult cardiac myocytes with the non-destructive and label-free IonOptix system (Westwood, MA, USA) to provide a powerful platform for studying the effects of compounds on cardiac function at the cellular level.

Aurora’s contractility assay measures changes in sarcomere shortening of isolated adult ventricular myocytes in response to compounds, helping to evaluate their impact on contractility and cardiac function.

Myocardial contractility

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