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Contractility Assays


Contractility Assays

Sarcomere Shortening
of Isolated Cardiomyocytes

Predict cardiotoxic potential of your cells at high frequency using our services including IonOptix system

Contractility of the heart cells (sarcomere shortening of isolated cardiomyocytes) is known as an indicator of toxic or therapeutic effects of drugs and chemical entities.

heart beat

Aurora using its contractility assay services including IonOptix system accurately predict cardiotoxic potential of your cells at high frequency providing a wealth of data for the assessment of cardiac drug safety. We can test your compounds in contractility assays using primary cardiomyocytes or hiPSC-derived cardiomyocytes. For more information and request of our assay services please contact us.​

Cardiomyocyte Contractility is controlled by the excitation-contraction coupling machinery involving Ca2+ influx and efflux within myocytes. Impairment to this regulatory machinery can lead to serious cardiac conditions. Aurora uses the IonOptix system (Milton, MA, USA) to record real-time changes in sarcomere length of single isolated cardiomyocytes through video acquisition. Ca2+ cycling is monitored in parallel by recording Ca2+ transients from fura-2 loaded isolated cardiomyocytes. This unique system allows us to investigate the details of cellular mechanisms of drug-induced negative or positive inotropy.

Need to predict cardiotoxic potential of your cells?
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