ADNap 20 Automated nucleic acid extraction system


    ADNap 20 is a fully automated bench top system for high-throughput extraction of nucleic acids from a variety of sources. The system relies on an automated 96-channel magnetic head  for reliable and rapid extraction of  high-quality nucleic acids. Like all of Aurora’s liquid handlers, this system is open and flexible.


    The ADNap 20 uses a 96-channel head of magnetic bars combined with disposable tip combs to mix and transfer magnetic beads. The magnetic bars move up and down, allowing mixing of the reagents and beads following lysis. Once the magnetic beads collect at the bottom of the tip comb (that surrounds the magnetic rods) the magnetic head moves to a different plate and the beads are released into the new plate by moving the magnetic rods out of the tip comb. This process is repeated for bead washing and elution steps.


    Extracted nucleic acids can be used for a number of applications including

    •  High throughput genomic applications such as  next generation sequencing.
    • Processing samples for genetic testing
    • Microbiome research including infectious diseases.
    • Drug development.

    Features and Benefits

    Compact bench top system

    High quality and reproducibility

    Open and flexible system.

    Easy to use touch-screen interface.

    Stores up to 1000 different programs

    Heating  blocks (up to 90 oC)

    Built-in UV lamp combined with the use of disposable magnetic tip combs and extraction tubes delivers  effective and decontamination

    Typical  extraction workflow  on the ADNap 20

    The ADNap series

    96-channel magnetic head

    32-channel magnetic head

    16-channel magnetic head


    Positive COVID-19 samples (n=20) were extracted by three different methods (reagents), and the positivity detection rates were compared. Saliva samples were diluted  with normal saline at 1:9 dilution and made up to 50 and 30 copies/mL of the viral culture.

    Gel electrophoresis and nanodrop readings of DNA extracted from whole blood.

    Agarose gel electrophoresis of gDNA  samples from blood shows high yield of genomic DNA using ADNAP-20. The bands are clear without smearing indicating pure and undegraded  gDNA

    Nanodrop readings of DNA extracted from whole blood. The readings are around the 1.8 value indicating pure gDNA

    Technical parameters

    Frequently Asked Questions

    ADNap 20 is a fully automated bench top system for high-throughput extraction of nucleic acids from a variety of sources. The system relies on an automated 96-channel magnetic head for reliable and rapid extraction of high-quality nucleic acids.

    We recommend that you use from Aurora Biomed, since they were specifically designed to be used with ADNap 20 tip combs. Plates from other manufacturers may not be a complete fit with the tip combs and can cause cross-contamination issues.

    The instrument will not start the protocol without the tip combs inserted into the tip comb holder.

    We strongly recommended that volumes are within defined limits to avoid spillover and for the magnetic processor to work efficiently.

    Since deep well plates 96-well PCR plates can be used during the same run,  it is possible to process large volumes (in a deep well plate) and elute the purified nucleic acids into a smaller volume in a PCR plate.

    Most commercially available magnetic beads >100 nm in size will work with the ADNap 20

    The main consumables needed are – 96-channel deep well plates and 96-channel deep well tip combs – both of which can be purchased from Aurora Biomed. You will also need 96 channel standard PCR plates.

    ADNap 20 has a deck of 6-slots

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