Lab Integration of Automation Software and Devices

Aurora’s expertise in understanding the technical and business needs associated with the lab integration of OEM devices and software is second-to-none. Our automated liquid handler ensures the commercial success of our solutions. With an identified market demand for a new business concept, Aurora leads our OEM device and lab integration partners through solution proposal, prototyping, beta-testing, optimization, and continuous software upgrades to turn concepts into commercial success.

oem device integration

Lab integration of software and devices could mean any of, or more than, the following services that Aurora commonly offers:

  • Seamless physical integration between third-party devices and an Aurora automated liquid handler
  • Custom manufactured deck layout and instrument enclosure
  • Solutions for real-time software communication between integrated devices
  • Custom software interface and functionality


A successful lab integration of devices between the Aurora automated liquid handler and the FlowCam®

Aurora has successfully integrated the FlowCam® particle analyzer with a custom manufactured liquid handling system for uninterrupted processing, direct loading, and analysis of samples. This integrated system comes with temperature control and shaking modules in addition to 5 SBS positions for storage of samples, reagents and tip boxes. Up to 96 samples can be queued and processed for FlowCam analysis.

The FlowCam® is a particle analysis and characterization device used in aquatic and biopharma industries. It captures more than 40 measurements of each particle present in a fluid sample. Tens of thousands of particle images are taken and automatically characterized each minute.

liquid handler integration with flowcam

Comparison of Manual Pipetting vs. Automated Liquid Handler Pipetting into FlowCam

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