Photos & Presentations 2017

Photos & Presentations 2017

Precision Medicine and Ion Channel Retreat 2017 – Photos & Presentations

Day 1 Presentations

Customizing cancer immunotherapies to match the intrinsic tumor microenvironment – Brad Nelson

The plant alkaloid harmaline blocks the human voltage-gated sodium channel Nav1.7 expressed in CHO cells: a study using automated patch clamp – Heinrich Brinkmeier

A channelopathy called Cancer: From the understanding of K+ channel-dependent signaling to the design of novel precision cancer medicine – Saverio Gentile

Targeting Nav 1.9 for Development of New Pain Therapies – Neil Castle

Day 2 Presentations

Functional Annotation of Human Ion Channel Variants – Alfred George 

The effect of temperature on hERG channel pharmacology measured using the Qube automated patch clamp system – Ander Lindqvist

CultureOne Media Supplement Accelerates Functional NSC Maturation as Revealed with Improved Imaging Solutions – Daniel Beacham 

KnotBodies: creating Ion channel blocking antibody by fusing knottins into peripheral CDR loops – Aneesh Karatt Vellatt

WNK-SPAK/OSR1 Signaling Pathway as a Novel Target for Ischemic Stroke Therapy – Dandan Sun

Na+/Ca2+ exchangers in neurological diseases – Giuseppe Pignataro

Targeting transporters with HTS electrophysiology: The glutamate transporter EAAT3 on the SURFE2R 96SE – Maria Barthmes

Day 3 Presentations

Kv1.3 as a target for inhibiting detrimental M1 microglia functions in ischemic stroke, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease – Heiki Wulff

“ionChannel optical High-content Microscope” for ligand-gated ion channels drug discovery – Riccardo Rizzetto 

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