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High Throughput Screening Flux Assays


    High Throughput Screening Flux Assays (ICR to IC50)

    Aurora employs proprietary flux assays technology in which non-radioactive ions are used as tracers for specific ion channels and transporters. Tracer ions are loaded into either cells or extracellular solutions. High-throughput screening is offered on Aurora’s high throughput flux assay-based ICR 8100 and ICR12000 systems. Results obtained by our cell-based functional assays screen are comparable to results generated by the gold standard patch-clamp. When combined with Aurora’s ICR technology, these channels assays are an advantageous primary screening method for drug discovery.

    ICR-8000-reflection-crop 4x5

    ICR 8100

    ICR12000_reflection 4x5-crop

     ICR 12000

    Aurora Biomed’s screening technology

    High Throughput Screening (HTS), is very important in drug discovery. Aurora’s ICR could eliminate the bottlenecks in which HTS requires high sensitivity and small sample amount testing as well as quick results. Flux assays are functional, robust, and widely used by various pharmaceutical companies. ICR measurements of the ions are very sensitive with an extremely low percentage of CVs among the replicates. Assay volumes are less than 100 μL, minimizing the amount of compound used. The screens are carried out in the presence of 1% DMSO, minimizing compound solubility issues. Z’ values of the screens are always higher than 0.8 indicating high robustness and low variability. With a large window of detection presented by the screens, test compounds emerge as either clear blockers/non-blockers or activators/non-activators. Well-established compounds of known activity against specific ion channel targets are used as positive controls. Drug potencies determined by flux screens are highly correlated with those of electrophysiology. Calculated drug rank orders between the two methods are identical. Flux assays involve about1.38×105 cells per well and thus provide multicellular response compared to other techniques measuring only a few ion channels.

    Ion Channel Reader, Ion Channel Screening Assays, High Throughput Screening Flux Assays. ICR8000 and ICR12000.

    For ion channel screening, Aurora Biomed employs flux assay technology in which non-radioactive ions are used as tracers for specific ion channels. Tracer ions are loaded either into the cells or into the extracellular solution.The cells are then bathed in a solution containing the compound (s) of interest to determine its effect on channel activity. The amount of tracer ion present in the intra-and extra cellular portions of the cells is measured using Aurora Biomed’s sensitive, robust, and high-throughput proprietary atomic absorbance-based Ion Channel Reader (ICR) series. The following tracers are used for different ion channels and transporters:

    Potassium ion (K+) channels: Rubidium(Rb+)

    Sodiumion (Na+) channels: Lithium(Li+)

    Chloride ion (Cl-) channels: A known concentration of silver (Ag+)is used to precipitate Cl- from the samples as AgCl, and then freeAg+ is measured

    Calcium ion (Ca2+) channels: Ca2+ or Strontium (Sr2+)

    Na+,K+-ATPase: Rb+ for K+ ion

    K+,Cl-co-transporter: Ag+ precipitation for Cl- ion

    Ion Channel Reader, High Throughput Screening Flux Assays, Tracer for Ion channel & transporter assays. ICR8100 and ICR12000
    Ion Channel Reader, High Throughput Screening Flux Assays, Assay: EP, Aurora Flux, & 86Rb. ICR8100 and ICR12000

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