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LUMINA 3500 and 3600 Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometer


    The LUMINA 3500 Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometer provides elemental analysis solutions for sub trace detection of hydride-forming elements. The unique vapour/hydride generator provides enhanced sensitivities and reduced interferences for parts per trillion (ppt) detection of Mercury (Hg), Arsenic (As), Cadmium (Cd), Zinc (Zn), Bismuth (Bi), Selenium (Se), Tellurium (Te), Antimony (Sb), Tin (Sn), Germanium (Ge), and Lead (Pb).

    LUMINA 3500 Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometer

    The LC-LUMINA 3600 (Integrated High Pressure Liquid Chromatography – Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometer 3500) can be used for the application of speciation analysis, or quantifying ultra-trace concentrations of different molecular versions of the same compound.
    The LC-LUMINA 3600 finds use for environmental applications such as precise quantifications of inorganic and organic forms of Mercury (Hg) and other hydride forming elements from biological samples. This is because elements in different oxidation states exhibit different adsorption tendencies, thereby enabling speciation analysis using an integrated HPLC-AFS system.

    LC-LUMINA 3600 Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometer


    The LUMINA 3500/3600 Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometer is ideal for elemental analysis in various research sectors, including; environmental, agricultural, geological, metallurgical, pharmaceutical, clinical and petrochemical. It is capable of acting as a mercury analyzer while also carrying out elemental analysis of all hydride-forming elements.

    • Clinical
    • Environmental/Public Health/Disease Control
    • Agricultural/Food Safety
    • Geological/Metallurgical
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Petrochemical
    • New regulations
    • Sub-trace level detection limits for mercury and hydride-forming elements
    • Linear dynamic range of 10³
    • Covered optical design
    • Dual-channel simultaneous measurement
    • All-in-one mixing manifold, low dead volume, high efficiency, double gas/liquid separator design
    • Automatic Ar-H2 flame ignition
    • Integrated exhaust system
    • Vapor / Hydride generator
    • Revolutionary gas/liquid separator
    • Reaction/Mixing manifold
    • Covered optical design
    • Dual Channel simultaneous analyses
    • Integrated exhaust system
    • User-friendly, Windows-based software
    • XYZ autosampler (optional)
    • Can be used as a mercury analyzer
    • Four lamp holder two channel design, double channel simultaneous analysis
    • Short focal length and all closed optical path reduce spectral interference and improve signal to noise ratio
    • Greatly reduce interference by using large gauge integrated circuits
    • Low temperature ignition shielded quartz atomizer
    • An integrated gas liquid separation unit reduces the dead volume and improves the separation effect
    • An integrated gas liquid separation unit reduces the dead volume and improves the separation effect

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