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Automated Microarray Spotter – Solution

VERSA 110 with HEPA/UV/LED Hood – This single-channel automated liquid handling platform with precise XYZ targeting, dual pump pipetting module, DNA and Cells

Automated Microarray Spotter – Solution

Swift, Accurate and Efficient Microarray Printer for Peptides, DNA and Cells.

SPOT synthesis technique utilizing cellulose supports, combined with Aurora’s liquid handling technology, has given birth to the VERSA series microarray printer (microarrayer). Aurora’s extensive expertise in life science robotics has seen an increased need for scientific personnel to seek out automated solutions for peptide synthesis and other type of microarrays. Aurora developed the VERSA series automated microarray spotter and modules such as the nano-pipettor head, which allows for simple distribution of reagents—this helps in conducting grams to milligrams of combinatorial chemistry using contact or non-contact spotting.

Independently Validated

Facilitating tumor spheroid-based bioassays and in vitro blood vessel modeling via bioinspired self-formation microstructure devices

View this publication showing user generated data to see how the VERSA 10 microarrayer was used in dispensing water droplets of specific volumes to study how surface tension guides aqueous molding.

Development of an influenza virus protein microarray to measure the humoral response to influenza virus infection in mallards

Download this open source publication to see how Influenza virus hemagglutinin (HA) protein was printed in microarrays on epoxysilane-coated glass slides using VERSA 110 microarray printer.

Specifications – VERSA Microarray Printers

VERSA for Peptides
Single Channel
Small and Compact
40 nL – 100 µL Spotting Volume
0.05 mm Positioning Error
Optional UV/HEPA Enclosure
Compatible with all Slide Types

VERSA for Cells
Single Channel
Increased Deck Area
40 nL – 100 µL Spotting Volume
0.05 mm Positional Error
Optional UV/HEPA Enclosure
Optional Sonicated Wash station

10, 20 or 35 Channel
Simultaneous Peptide Spotting
Bulk Peptides Quickly Constructed
Heavily Customizable
Optional UV/HEPA Enclosure
Compatible with all Slide Types

VERSA Microarray Printer Applications

High-Throughput Reagent Kit Spotting
Drug-Eluting Microarray
Peptide Synthesis
Tissue Microarray

CHIP Production
Cancer Research
Precision Medicine

DNA Microarray
Protein Microarray
Biomedical Imaging

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