Automated Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Library Preparation

Automated liquid handling System

Automated Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Library Preparation

VERSA’s innovative modules are designed to tackle the challenging steps of Automated NGS Library Preparation (also known as NGS automation). The Magnetic Bead Vortex ensures homogeneous bead suspension and distribution. The combination of ReagentDrop bulk reagent dispensing module and 96-Tip Aspirator offers fast and efficient bead washing steps while saving tip costs. The VERSA automated Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) library preparation and sample preparation workstations are compatible with various commercial available kits, reagents, and labware. VERSA automated NGS library and sample preparation workstations are highly scalable for different throughputs and budget.

Independently Validated

Validation of an Automated Method for Library Preparation for a Next-Generation Sequencing-Based Assay for Oncology.

Download the checkerboard validation to see how the VERSA automated NGS library and sample preparation workstation is eliminating cross-contamination while demonstrating incomparable reproducibility on all patient DNA samples.

Validation of VERSA automated NGS library prep - VCU
  • Open System – compatible with commercially available kits including Illumina, Thermo Fisher, etc…
  • HEPA/UV/LED Enclosure – keeps samples contamination-free
  • Scalable Solution – processes 1 to 96 samples in parallel depending on throughput demands
  • Unparalleled Customer Service – our engineering team is readily available to troubleshoot your protocols


Magnetic Bead Vortex – The Aurora Advantage for NGS automation

Aurora’s unique magnetic bead vortexer specifically addresses the painful process of ensuring the bead mixture is sufficiently homogenized as critically outlined in all NGS automation protocols.

Immediately prior to use, vortex the beads until they are well dispersed. The color of the liquid should appear homogeneous.

Take care to minimize bead loss which can impact final yields. 

It is critical to resuspend the beads at the bottom of the tube… Resuspension is essential for achieving consistent cluster density to optimize the resolution of individual libraries when pooled together

Vortex beads before each use. Vortex beads frequently to make sure that beads are evenly distributed

– Illumina™ NGS Sample Preparation Protocol

VERSA 1100 Automated NGS Library Preparation System

VERSA Automated NGS Library Preparation Applications

  • DNA/RNA Purification and Cleanup
  • DNA/RNA Fragment Size Selection
  • Enzymatic Reaction Setup
  • Library Normalization and Pooling
  • Single and Multiplex RT-PCR Setup
  • Sequencing Reaction Setup
  • Oligo-based Gene Synthesis Setup
  • Magnetic Bead Based Applications

Frequently Asked Questions

Our VERSA automated workstations are very flexible and open systems and are compatible with almost all the Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) library and sample preparation kits, reagents and labware in the market.

Yes, the VERSA Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction and Purification workstation is equipped with a Heater-Cooler Plate and Heater-Shaker that can be used for incubating samples at temperatures from 2 – 92°C.

All the steps from DNA/RNA purification and cleanup, DNA/RNA fragment size selection, enzymatic reaction setup, library construction, normalization and pooling, single and multiplex real-time PCR setup, sequencing reaction setup can be automated on VERSA. Transferring the plate to thermocycler for PCR reaction and centrifuging steps should be done manually.

Yes, when manual intervention is required, a pause message can be defined to pop up on the monitor to notify the user about the next manual steps. VERSA Automated NGS library preparation system can also email the pause notifications to users who should take responsibility for the step.

No, the ReagentDrop dispensing speed on VERSA automated NGS library and sample preparation workstation is always optimized for reagents with different consistency to avoid splashing.

No, we have validated VERSA for automating different applications and have not observed any cross-contamination issues. VERSA automated NGS library preparation workstation utilizes disposable tips to eliminate cross-contamination, additionally the aspirating and dispensing speed is carefully adjusted to avoid splashing or carry-over contamination. VERSA is also equipped with HEPA filter and UV light to keep the environment contamination-free.

VERSA is a very flexible and open system and is capable of preparing libraries / samples for any NGS instrument.

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