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VG 411 Hydride Vapor Generator

VG 411 Hydride/ Vapor Generator, Elemental Analysis OEM Solutions, for mercury and hydride-forming metals.

VG 411 Hydride Vapor Generator

vapor-hydride-generatorThe VG 411 Hydride Vapor Generator provides enhanced sensitivities, reduced interferences and extremely low detection limits for of mercury and hydride-forming metals.

By reducing mercury to Hg(0), the cold vapor can be easily analyzed down to parts per trillion levels. The generation of volatile hydride species allows for the sub-trace detection of key elements, which are often difficult to detect. Aurora’s revolutionary design of the gas-liquid separator allows for optimum performances for both hydride and cold vapor determinations.

The three mixing regions of the reaction/mixing manifold provides the operator the freedom to configure the different connection pattern. Not only has the instrument been designed to work with Aurora’s TRACE Atomic Absorption Spectrometer and LUMINA Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometer; but it is also compatible with AAS, AFS, ICP-AES, and ICP-MS instruments offered by other manufacturers.

Revolutionary Gas/Liquid Separator Design:

The gas liquid separator of the VG 411 Hydride Vapor Generator provides optimum performance for both hydride and cold vapor determinations. The revolutionary dead volume design allows the user to quickly optimize the instrument according to the requirements of the analysis.

For metal hydride determinations, the volume can be increased in order to eliminate pressure fluctuations, thus enhancing the sensitivity of the measurement.

For mercury determinations, concentrated sulphuric acid can be safely used as the drying agent. This efficiently removes water droplets and vapor with negligible loss of analyte, while at the same time reducing the dead volume. The net result is shortened analysis times combined with unmatched sensitivity. Net result is shortened analysis times combined with unmatched sensitivity.

Additional Features:

The reaction/mixing manifold of the VG 411 Hydride Vapor Generator includes three mixing sections to provide the operator with near limitless flexibility. This enables convenient, on-line addition of any reagents required for acidity adjustment, pre-reduction/oxidation or masking of interferents.

The high-quality motor construction peristaltic pumps provide reproducible pump speeds to ensure reproducible measurements sample after sample.


The following graph shows the RSD for ten replicate runs of 15 ng/mL.



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