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Ion Flux Integrated Workstation

VERSA 600 IonFlux Setup Workstation, Integrated with IonFlux Automated Patch Clamp System, Holds up to 5 96-well or 384 well IonFlux Plates.

Ion Flux Integrated Workstation

VERSA 600 IonFlux Setup Workstation

The VERSATM 600 IonFlux Setup Workstation is a small, automated liquid handling workstation designed to automatically set up IonFlux Plates for Fluxion’s IonFlux Automated Patch Clamp System. This bench-top integrated workstation provides an efficient, high-throughput solution for fully automated patch clamping. The VERSA IonFlux Setup Workstation conserves expensive reagents, eliminates concerns associated with volumetric variations caused by manual handling and automates all repetitive pipetting protocols.

Features & Benefits

  • Integrated with IonFlux Automated Patch Clamp System
  • The plate gripper automatically loads plates into the IonFlux System
  • Holds up to 5 96-well or 384-well IonFlux Plates
  • Multi-channel head, including 8-channel SyringePipettor, with single-channel function
  • Shaker/heater for cell suspension
  • 9 Deck positions
  • Import/export protocol files
  • Complete automation of patch clamp assays
  • Speeds up the workflow to get results sooner
  • High precision reduces variability and increases reproducibility
  • High throughput solution to process multiple samples in parallel
  • Low dead volume reduces costs associated with reagent waste
  • Supports a diverse array of plate and tube types
  • Open system supports a wide variety of chemistries

About the IonFlux

By integrating microfluidic perfusion with standard well plates, Fluxion has produced automated electrophysiology systems that look and operate much like a benchtop microplate reader. The IonFlux systems have made patch clamping simpler, faster and better than ever before.

The IonFlux comes in two configurations to meet the widest variety of application needs. The IonFlux HT, featuring 64 independent amplifier channels, is designed for high throughput screening of ion channel targets. The IonFlux 16 is ideally suited for ion channel research and assay development. Both systems offer cell ensemble recording to improve reliability and variability.

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