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mRNA vaccine upstream automated processing system

VERSA 2100 Automated liquid handling workstation, 45-position modular deck configuration with options such as magnetic bead vortex, temperature control module and ReagentDrop

mRNA vaccine upstream automated processing system

Messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) vaccines provide a novel alternative to conventional vaccine approaches various advantages such as high potency, capacity for rapid development and potential for low-cost manuufacture and safe administration. Conventional vaccines usually contain weakened or inactivated version of the pathogen proteins (antigens) that then stimulate the immune ressponse of the body. The body is thus prepared to react more effectively if it is exposed to the pathogen in the future.

Unlike conventional vaccines, an mRNA vaccine does not contain any viral proteins, but only the information in the form of mRNA, that our cells can use to produce the desired immune response. The mRNA acts like messengers that tell the body’s cells to produce copies of a protein or part of a protein . In the case of COVID-19 vaccines, it is the famous “spike” protein of SARS-CoV-2.

Aurora provides technology and equipment to support the mRNA research process, improving the efficiency of researchers, enabling scientists to conduct extensive experiments, accelerating research and development, improving manufacturing capacity, and advancing the tide of vaccine technology.

VERSA 2100 provides high-throughput preparation of nucleic acid sequences, improving mRNA production efficiency, enabling scientists to move their ideas from research to the development stage.


Automated liquid handling workstation,VERSA 2100 has a 45-position modular deck configuration with options such as magnetic bead vortex, temperature control module and Reagent Drop

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mRNA Vaccine Process


Deck Capacity 



CV <5% at 5µL

Pipetting Head 

8 Channels

Single Channel Pipetting 


Major modules and Accessory Options 

ReagentDrop (up to 8)

Temperature control module

Heater-shaker module

Magnetic bead separator

mechanical arms at the upper

and lower level of the workstation

HEPA/UV Enclosure

Dimensions (W x D x H) 

98cm  x 158 cm x 183 cm


100-150 kg

Features & Advantages

· VERSA 2100 has a 45-position modular deck configuration modules that allow optimization of a variety of protocols including  RNA and DNA extraction for high throughput applications.

· 8-channel single channel pipette is compatible with different flux pipette requirements;  96 channel pipette is available optionally, suitable for high flux processing requirements.

· Large volume reagent injector (Reagent Drop) can add large volumes of  reagent accurately and quickly.

· Magnetic beads mixer, ensure uniform suspension and distribution of magnetic beads

· Heating/cooling shaker (4-95C), suitable for a variety of plates and consumables be heated and incubated to 95 degrees.

· The temperature control module ensures accurate incubation of samples and reagents.

· Mechanical arms in the Upper and lower level of the workstation.

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