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Automated Peptide Synthesizer


    The VERSA 110 microarray spotter automates peptide synthesis using Fmoc-based chemistry (or Fmoc solid-phase synthesis). With an easy-to-use software and accommodation for low-cost porous membrane materials, it is an effective and robust pipetting system. Specifically, for peptide synthesis on cellulose sheets using the SPOT technique, the VERSA 110 is stable and allows for printing high-throughput microarrays and pipetting amino acids and reagents as low as 40 nL.

    • Solid-phase peptide synthesis
    • Biomarker identification
    • Epitope mapping
    • Enzyme-substrate profiling
    • Vaccine and drug discovery/development
    • Substitution analysis
    • Peptide library screening

    • Spotting volumes starting at 40 nL and up to 300 μL
    • Accurate dispensing with <5% CV at 100 nL, and with <0.5 mm positioning error
    • Flexible contact and single spotting by robotically controlled arm that can move in 3D
    • Peptide sequences import and export function for ease of automation programming
    • Repeat spotting available for maximum efficiency
    • Optional temperature and humidity control to maximize yield and reproducibility
    • Optional UV HEPA filtered enclosure to minimize risk of sample contamination
    • Open system allows for incorporation
    • Fully configurable to your workflow and microarray procedures

    Volume40 nL to 300 μL
    Precision (CV)< 5% for 100 nL
    Arm Precision (XYZ)(±) 9 μm
    Spot Separation100 μm (center to center)
    Deck Capacity• Four (4) SBS format deck positions for array surfaces

    • One (1) rack position for reagent vials/tubes

    Pipette HeadSingle channel NanoPipettor with stainless steel probe
    Wash Station• Equipped with one flushing station and one washing station

    • Optional sonicating wash station available

    SoftwareCustomized user-friendly VERSAware software featuring simple drag-and-drop programming interface, easy to develop new work­flows
    Accessory Options• Adaptors available for diverse substrates

    • HEPA/UV/Fluorescent light enclosure

    • Humidity/temperature

    Length x Depth x Height60 x 60 x 90 cm I 24 x 24 x 35 in
    Weight90 kg / 132 lbs