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Automated RNA Extraction from Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs)


    Aurora has developed VERSA 1100 Gene Workstation for automated RNA extraction from CTCs. With the increased use of single cell isolating technologies, a premium has been placed for isolating RNA from small numbers (1-100) of cells. This precious, limited starting material is sensitive to any variations in sample preparation. To improve the reliability and repeatability of extractions from these samples, automation is an attractive solution. The VERSA 1100 has been validated for extracting RNA in 96-well PCR plates with reaction volumes of less than 200uL from samples containing small numbers of CTCs. The net result is a reduction in inter-sample variation and increased sample throughput.

    Comparison of Automated and Manual HyCEAD runs
    Excellent correlation between geomean SI of each set of 8 samples

    CTCs were isolated from blood sample using the Parsortix System (ANGLE plc) and RNA was then extracted from the captured CTCs. RNA extractions were analysed using the HyCEAD assay.


    A. Comparison of automated and manual HyCEAD runs showed good correlation of geomean SI of 24-sample automated HyCEAD with manual HyCEAD with R2 values > 0.98
    B. Excellent correlation between geomean SI of each set of 8 samples with R2 values > 0.99; indicates minimal inter-sample variance


    To learn more about Automated RNA Extraction from CTC, download the application note below or contact us directly to chat about how we can automate your small volume sample nucleic acid extractions.