Ion Channel Screening Assays


    Aurora Biomed provides a wide range of automated ion channel assays to quickly and accurately provide ion channel screening results for drug discovery and development research worldwide. A convenient, integrated ordering system facilitates the rapid assessment and processing of globally standardized tests. Ion channel assays are performed manually by patch-clamp or by Qpatch. Cold flux assays are also available for limited compounds or candidates that cannot be screened with manual patch clamp, with a strong linear correlation (R=0.88) and consistently identical drug rank orders between the cold flux and patch-clamp methods. Cold flux assays rely on non-radioactive trace ions measured by Aurora’s high-throughput atomic absorbance-based Ion Channel Reader series: ICR 8000 and ICR 12000. Electrophysiological in vitro and in vivo studies required by the FDA are available on either stable cell lines, cells transiently expressing channels of interest, transformed Xenopus oocytes (two-electrode voltage clamp), cardiac myocytes (freshly isolated from rat or guinea pig), or neurons differentiated from human iPS.

    Selectivity Profiling Assay


    HTS Flux Assay


    Cardiac Safety Assay