Laboratory Automation Services


    Enhanced lab automation services in the world of OEM liquid handling

    Let your concepts come to fruition by partnering with Aurora and utilizing our laboratory automation OEM service. Aurora can provide all manner of expertise giving you the freedom to focus your efforts elsewhere. Aurora’s team will walk you through the process and show you exactly how your product will function, giving you full control, and delivering the excellence you require of your own products.

    Robotic Components

    Aurora’s components are compatible with all types of labware and are available in a wide range of sizes which suit various lab automation needs. Providing a flexible, high-quality option for custom liquid handling solutions for almost any application.

    Automated Liquid Handling System

    Device Integration

    Beginning the journey into OEM is never an easy one. Take a look at previous lab automation system integrations to get an idea of the scale of ambition Aurora can provide when utilizing us as a partner for your automation workflow.

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