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Emerging Applications – Natural Products


    Animal toxins and natural compounds isolated from plants have great potential in clinical applications due to their highly bioactive components and target specificity. Polypeptides from animal toxins are developed into drugs with a higher than 1% success rate, at least 3 times higher than from metabolites, and 1000 times higher than from synthetic compounds.

    Nevertheless, there are many concerns associated with drug development from animal toxins. Researchers hope to overcome existing challenges in this research field with better technologies and more optimized workflow. Aurora’s ion channel screening technology is capable of detecting ion flux across transmembrane proteins and therefore provides insight into channel activity. It is able to meet the high throughput demand of animal toxin screening for drug development. This screening method can be applied to voltage-gated and ligand-gated ion channels, transporters, and pumps, including those that are electro-neutral.

    Ion Channel Reader: HTS platform for ion channel targets

    Peptide toxins: ion channel blockage, candidates for analgesic drugs, sedation drugs, and anti-toxicant drugs.

    Cardiac Safety of Herbs

    Red Ginseng is a hERG blocker