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Forensic Application Solutions

Protein Precipitation/ Peptide Purification

Forensic Application Solutions

Aurora not only offers conventional tools for reducing the burden of constant case sample workload but initially worked with crime labs developing an alternative laboratory workflow to a conventional way of isolating male DNA from crime scene evidence. In addition to developing methods, Aurora is preparing and pushing future technologies within Forensics, currently, Aurora offers automated solutions for three disciplines:

Sexual Assault Kit Processing

Differential Digestion via Selective Degradation

Automated differential digestion analysis of sperm cells utilizing DNase I workflow reduces the backlog of untested sexual assault kits. Assay optimization and validation succeeded in reducing wash steps, centrifugation, thereby increasing sample throughput.

Massively Parallel Sequencing

Automated Library/Sample Preparation

The detection power of massively parallel sequencing (MPS), also called next generation sequencing (NGS), is invaluable when forensic samples are degraded, limited or are mixtures. Aurora is actively collaborating with technology and research partners to automate massively parallel sequencing workflows.

Drugs of Abuse

Solid Phase/Liquid-Liquid Extraction

Serving the basic needs of a laboratory is at the core of Aurora, conventional tools preparing samples and dealing with the ever-increasing amount of casework submissions for determining concentrations of drugs of abuse is an aspect no lab can overlook. Automation is a stepping stone in dealing with the pressures of sample turn around with what is considered to be a standard technique.