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Automated Genomic Solutions – VERSA

VERSA 10 with hood– Compact Automated Liquid Handling Workstation. This robotic liquid handler can conduce qPCR and PCR Set-up Sequencing Reaction Set-up Nucleic Acid Purification Microarray Spotting Immuno and Biochemical Assays Cell-Based Assays Environmental Sample Preparation General Liquid Handling – dilution, plate reformatting, and aliquoting. For 96 well plates and 384 well plates.

Automated Genomic Solutions – VERSA

Aurora offers a broad range of workstations suitable for automated sample preparation, RNA and DNA purification, RNA and DNA extraction, DNA amplification, gene expression profiling, DNA sequencing, and more. Our automated genomic workstations help streamline your workflow processes, saving you time and manpower. The VERSA series of automated genomic workstations are available in various sizes and configurations, allowing you to find one that is best suited to your lab’s needs.

VERSA 10 Gene Liquid Handling Solution
VERSA 10 automated liquid handling system
VERSA 1100 automated liquid handling system
VERSA 1100 automated liquid handling system

Nucleic Acid Purification

PCR & RT-PCR Setup

NGS Sample/Library Preparation

Differential Digestion

The VERSA Series can be used to automate protocols for:

DNA and RNA purification

DNA extraction

RNA extraction

PCR and RT-PCR setup

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) sample/library preparation

Microarray Spotting

Sanger sequencing

If you have questions about any of our automated genomic workstations, contact us for assistance—we will help you find the best workstation for your needs.