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Automated Coronavirus (COVID-19) Detection Solution

Automated Coronavirus (COVID-19) Detection Solution

COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) Detection Kits

The spread of COVID-19 has placed a tremendous burden on public and private testing laboratories. For every positive case, thousands of people are screened. This rapid increase in the number of samples that need to be processed, as well as the necessity of short turnaround times, often outstrip the capacity of currently established facilities. This highlights the urgent need to have widespread, reliable detection testing in labs all over the world.

Aurora Biomed has worked relentlessly to develop the capability to supply CE and CFDA certified COVID-19 detection kits. These testing kits have been used as a reliable testing method for COVID-19 in over 40 health institutions in China (including Wuhan), and are currently being used in other countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Our COVID-19 testing kit specifications include:

  • 200 copies per mL detection limit
  • 24 tests per kit
  • Target genes: ORF1ab and N gene
  • Compatible with sputum, alveolar wash, and pharyngeal swab samples
  • Positive and negative controls to monitor test accuracy

When combined with our workstation for automating viral pathogen detection workflows, our COVID-19 detection kit enables rapid processing of potentially infected patient samples. Please visit this page for COVID-19 IgM/IgG Antibody Rapid Test Kit.

Aurora Biomed Viral RNA Extraction Kit for Coronavirus

Aurora’s AB MagPure Viral RNA Isolation Kit

Catalogue # MB7901–1

Automating Viral RNA Extraction and Real-Time RT-PCR Reaction Setup for COVID-19

Aurora Biomed has also announced an automated solution for Coronavirus (COVID-19) testing, streamlining the viral RNA extraction and Real-Time RT-PCR setup for SARS-CoV-2. Aurora’s VERSA® 1100 Gene workstations are compatible with magnetic beads/spin column based viral RNA isolation kits and Real-Time RT-PCR protocols approved by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

This workstation imparts significant benefits in reducing the risk of cross-contamination, reducing errors caused by manual intervention, as well as reducing exposure time of laboratory staff to potentially harmful reagents and pathogens. All of this is accomplished with the added benefit of increasing sample throughput. As our automated solution is an open, modular system, it is compatible with various COVID-19 virus detection methods and kits, including:

  • FDA COVID-19 diagnostics panel
  • Commercially available COVID-19 screening kits
  • Government prescribed virus screening methods
  • CE and CFDA certified Real-Time RT-PCR detection kits

Instrument Features

  • 4 or 8 channel pipetting head with single channel functionality offers flexible liquid handling
  • Up to 8 channel ReagentDrop provides reagent dispensing without disposable pipette tips
  • Magnetic bead separator for beads based viral RNA extraction workflows
  • Shaker-heater (RT to 90 °C ) for efficient RNA isolation
  • Reagent cooler block for Real-Time RT-PCR reagents and online mastermix preparation
  • UV HEPA filtered enclosure to minimize risk of sample contamination

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is VERSA® Automated Coronavirus (COVID-19) Detection Solution compatible with my viral RNA extraction and Real-Time RT-PCR kits?


Can I use VERSA® for other liquid handling applications?

Our flexible liquid handling systems and user-friendly software interface allow user to easily create other workflows, such as nucleic acid extraction, PCR setup, normalization, plate reformatting and serial dilution.

Do plates need to be manually transported between shaker and magnetic separator?

No, all transporting between different modules is automatically done by the plate gripper or plate transporter.

How does VERSA® preserve temperature sensitive reagents and primers on deck?

The VERSA® automated COVID-19 detection system is equipped with a Reagent Block Cooler that can keep precious dNTPs and temperature sensitive buffers, enzymes and primers at 4°C on-deck.