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Mobile Molecular Testing COVID-19 Detection: bCUBE(TM)

There are a few problems with using PCR as a molecular tests. These problems include cost, wait times, and testing location. The new bCUBETM system solves these problems, while also providing a mobile solution.

Thanks to PCR testing, the first case of the 2019 novel coronavirus in North America was reported in January of 2020. Most of us are now adapting to the life with COVID lurking in the surrounding. All types of testing are getting more and more common to the ordinaries – rapid antigen test (RAT) for day-to-day screening, rapid antibody test for a confirmation on the infection and molecular PCR test for travel purposes.

Although the price of RAT has dropped drastically, (some governments even hand them out for free) the cost of a molecular PCR test, however, is still high. The cost and wait time causes a challenge for everyone needing a lab-based, molecular COVID-19 test. So, what prevents the price from dropping?

Problems with molecular tests

Traditional molecular PCR test usually requires special devices. Because these devices are large and expensive they require samples to be shipped, creating a longer turnaround time. Tests also need a ‘pretreatment’ on samples, this step is called Extraction, which also takes time and resources to complete. Based on these factors, testing clinics usually label their PCR test over $100.

bCUBETM solves the problems with PCR

With HYRIS’ bCUBETM system, everything will be changed. With this palm-size device, real time RT-PCR can be done in 100 minutes. Because of the small size it is ideal for swift testing in ambulances, remote communities, campsites, mining operations, forestry industry, and cruise ships. This system leverages AI algorithms for automatic results interpretation. The maximum capacity is 36 samples, it offers more flexibility which allows user to load fewer samples in each run – you no longer need to wait for 96 or even 384 samples to be all prepared before running the RT-PCR! Just load any number of samples whenever they are ready to get the reaction started.

COVID-19 Molecular testing in remote places. Photo of the four HYRIS’s bKIT trademark. Saliva collection kit, nasopharyngeal swab.

What kit does bCUBETM use?

HYRIS’s bKITTM is highly recommended to be used with bCUBETM. It is an ‘extraction-free’ PCR kit, meaning that the extraction process is skipped. This saves time and resources. Aside from that, the kit can handle raw samples from either nasal or nasal nasopharyngeal swabs, same as RAT kits, which allows an efficient sampling process. And to add up another peace of mind, bKITTM has been approved for diagnostic use as well as CE-IVD for COVID-19 testing. With these certifications, the kit along with bCUBETM, can be used in any testing labs in Canada, Europe or countries with similar regulations. Furthermore, both kits and the instrument bear ‘RUO’ mark, which can be used for research purposes throughout the world.

By solving all three issues related to a traditional PCR test, we are confident to presume that the cost of a molecular testing on COVID-19 can be lowered while maintaining a high accuracy, with the HYRISTM COVID-19 testing system. Contact Aurora today to know more about the unique advantages the system can provide to your testing labs!

COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test Sample Swab. A medical professional is holding a swab and a mini test tube. Swabs are used to collect samples and placed into a antigen test device. Reagents in the antigen test device can test the presence of a specific virus.