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VERSA™ 110 – Automated Liquid Handling


    Automation should adapt to you. You shouldn’t have to adapt to your automation. This single-channel automated liquid handling platform with precise XYZ targeting allows the use of specialized plate types (carousel, collection tubes, cartridges, etc.) not compatible with other workstations. Utilizing dual pump pipetting module, the system can handle a broader range of volumes between 30nL to 1000µL. The VERSA™ 110 ensures that the only differences in your protocol will be increased throughput and precision.

    VERSA™ 110 with Safety Bar

    VERSA™ 110 with HEPA/UV/LED Hood

    VERSA110 Microarray Spotter
    • Dynamic Range – From nL to mL with single channel dual pump
    • Bulk dispensing ReagentDrop reduces reagent and tip waste
    • Optional on-deck incubations to preserve reagents and samples
    • Flexible 8-positioned modular deck tailoring to your needs
    • Open System – Keep your protocols, kits and labware
    • Contamination-Free with optional HEPA/UV/LED enclosure
    • Intuitive software pre-programmed with your protocols
    • On-site training and installation


    Volume Range30nL – 1000µL
    PrecisionCV <5% at 1µL
    Deck Capacity8
    Pipetting Head1 Channel
    Single Channel Pipetting FunctionYes
    Accessory Options

    ReagentDrop (up to 4)

    HEPA/UV Enclosure

    Dimensions (W x D x H)60 x 60 x 45 cm
    Weight35 kg

    Pipetting Options & Features

    Dual Channel head for Liquid-Liquid Extraction

    Modules & Accessories, single channel pipette head, equipped to your liquid handler for lab automation. For 96 well plates and 384 well plates.

    Syringe + Dual ReagentDrop for Automated Sample Preparation

    Modules & Accessories, single channel pipette head, equipped to your liquid handler for lab automation. For 96 well plates and 384 well plates.

    5ml-10ml fixed needle syringe pipettor

    Dual Syringe Pumps for Automated Sample Preparation 

    Deck Modules

    Sonicated Wash Station

    Cobas Ring Adaptor

    GeneDisc Adaptor Ring

    Reagent Block (Type B)

    VERSA™ 110 Sample Deck Configurations

    What is the advantage of having a dual-syringe pump compared to the other VERSA™ systems?

    A dual-syringe pump allows you to have the greatest accuracy in liquid handling across a wider range of volumes. For example, a 25μL syringe pump can be used to handle low volumes such as 1μL, and then have the ability to automatically switch over to a 1000μL syringe pump to eliminate the need for multi pipetting.

    How many ReagentDrop channels are available?

    Up to 5 pins (channels) can be installed in a VERSA™ 110 for bulk reagent tipless dispensing. The ReagentDrop is recommended for applications such as automated nucleic acid purification, automated serial dilution, automated normalization, simple vial filling, etc.

    What measures are in place to prevent sample cross-contamination?

    Using disposable tips, each VERSA™ series can avoid sample cross-contamination. Along with the tip-touch function, our user-friendly software VERSAware allows you to have access to control the air gap to eliminate the sample cross contamination when using our automated liquid handling systems.

    Is liquid level sensing available?

    Yes, the VERSA™ 110 automated liquid handling platform is equipped with liquid level sensing to detect the different layers of liquid present in specific applications, such as liquid extraction.

    Is cooling or heating of plates/samples available?

    The VERSA™ 110 automated liquid handling instrument can be equipped with a heater-cooler plate, which allows the user to define a temperature anywhere between 4 to 90 degrees Celsius. In addition, a Heater-shaker is also available to vortex samples whilst incubating samples anywhere between RT to 90 degrees Celsius.

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