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Liquid Handling

The VERSA Series of liquid-handling workstations are being used in many sectors for a variety of applications. The versatility of the many liquid-handling heads, deck modules, and deck size ensure that there is a VERSA system for almost every application.

We have validated our workstation for the following applications:

Ion Channel

Using non-radioactive assay as a screening tool for membrane protein modulators is well-documented in scientific literature and has been widely used for studying the potassium channel family. The same principle of the nonradioactive Rb+ assay can be easily applied to more membrane protein targets than currently validated.

The following publications represent a partial collection of ICR applications useful to both pharmaceutical labs and academic institutions.

Latest News and Updates

What roles do K+ potassium channels play? Potassium (K+ channels) are almost every organism's most widely distributed ion channel. Potassium channels allow the flow of potassium ions across the membrane but block the flow of other ions, specifically sodium (Na+) ions. These channels are made of two parts: the filter, which selects and allows potas...
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Dangers of heavy metals The danger of heavy metals is greater since they are not chemically or biologically degradable. Once released, they can remain in the environment for hundreds of years. Toxic metals are normally present in very small amounts in our body, but continuous exposure can cause accumulation and toxicity. Numerous investigations...