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Application of GFAAS to Trace Metals in Blood

Application of GFAAS to Trace Metals in Blood


25 trace elements have been determined in blood by GFAAS. Lead received the greatest attention followed in turn by Al, Cd, Cu, Mn, Se, Zn, Cr, Ni, Au, Co, Pt, Pd, Fe, V, Be, Bi, Li, Tl, As, Sn, Ga, Mo, Sb, Si, Sr and Te. The most frequently used procedures include (a) direct injection into the graphite furnace, (b) dilution with water, Triton X-100 or dilute acid (especially nitric acid), (c) de-proteinization with acid (i.e. nitric acid) or alkali (ammonia) or (d) matrix modification.


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