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Proarrhythmic Liability

Proarrhythmic Liability

Assess Proarrhythmic Liability

Let our team of experts utilized EP and label free technology to help assess proarrhythmia liability in drug candidates during early stages of development

A need to seek understanding of the mechanisms leading to drug-induced arrhythmias, with a view to better predicting drug-induced proarrhythmia with fewer false positives, has resulted in the development of the comprehensive in vitro proarrhythmia (CiPA) assay. Proarrhythmia liability assessment now is used in drug development and includes study types consistent with CiPA. It is anticipated that CiPA will develop into a workable solution to the concern that proarrhythmia liability testing remains suboptimal. Advocating the use of multiple in vitro ion channels in drug safety evaluation has emerged as an important strategy to assess the proarrhythmia liability of drug candidates during early stages of development. Aurora provides the solutions for proarrhythmia liability assessment using various systems including the ion channel reader (ICR) technology. Aurora’s ICR series detect ion movements across membrane proteins by measuring the concentration of intracellular and cytosolic ions of interest using Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS). This is a technique that is independent of, and complementary to methods that rely on voltage manipulation and is used for the prediction of drug potency (IC50).



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